Age 24 – Dating a woman I appreciate immensely, clearer skin, less anxiety, feeling emotions at last


I’ve been doing nofap since mid 2016. My first try was 17 days. Now im at 92. I decided to follow this journey since I felt I couldn’t get close to women or avoid objectifying them. I either idolized a girl or ignored her. Very unhealthy. 40 days into my streak I met a very nice artsy girl that i’ve been dating since and appreciate immensely. Women have an empathy, a calmness, a kindness about them that can go unnoticed way too easily.

So, to the benefits; Clearer skin, better workouts, more future oriented, less anxiety, easier to ask girls out, easier to be relaxed around girls, easier to make eye contact, easier to make female friends. The struggle is worth it. What I did this journey is exercise and read everytime I had an urge or boredom. It is essential to funnel your time, energy, and sexuality into hobbies, as you will grow as a person and distance yourself from old shitty habits.

Final statement: Thank all of you for being here for other people and trying to better yourselves. Truly amazing, i’m honored to be able to join you in this process. Thank you for listening <3

Weed is something that ive done for 7 years, and only have wanted to quit since i started nofap. I really want to, but it is proving to be very difficult. During nofap i would have periods of time where i wanted to focus on work more, which made me tired, and not even smoke for a day here and there. Which made me realize I can enjoy life without. But to your question: I dont think being high can be used as an excuse to relapse, its just like when you’re drunk, you’re the same person just a little lower inhibitions. We can’t rationalize failure under any circumstance. One thing I learned during this is how to be more attractive, and weed isnt attractive. I went on a date with a girl that went phenomenally, but I think she wrote me off as a stoner. Anyway, it was a source of stress relief and kept me away from PMO in a sense. I do want to quit because anything that gives you large amounts of dopamine will cause us to be unable to act upon smaller amounts when it really matters (career, love, health, etc.) Sorry my response was a little all over the place. 🙂

I know that i need somewhere between 4-6 months to fully reset, and from there I dont think ill fall back into old ways. I just wanted to look back and reflect and be proud for a moment.

I’m 24. I beat my depression and I was able to see my dopamine addictions for what they were, coping mechanisms for negative emotions. So I started this in an effort to test myself to not express emotions through artifical means by quitting them for several months and seeing how I process emotions. (I actually feel emotions now for the first time)

LINK – Day: 92 Report

by Warner420