Age 24 – ED cured after 9 months of rebooting and 3 months of rewiring

Having regular great sex with my girlfriend after 9 months of rebooting and 3 months of rewiring. I am 24 and had bad PIED, I PMO’d probably twice a day on average especially when I was at university. I failed to get an erection with three girls until I discovered YBOP in December last year and immediately quit masturbation for a straight 120 days. I have had a few relapses and flatlines but am now having the best sex of my life and my girlfriend loves it. I am far more confident around women and in life in general. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

My main tip would be too try and avoid any sexual stimulus on your initial reboot, although I know from experience how challenging this is.

LINK – Safe to Say I’m Cured

by toffeebhoy89,  December 28, 2012


INITIAL POST – 23 Years Old, Day 26 of no PMO

December 28, 2012

Hey, just wanted to share my story and let y’all know how I’m getting on with my reboot process.

I have never been able to put my finger on my low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, I have for so long searched in vain and blamed it on alcohol, performance anxiety, depression, etc. I have been watching porn and masturbating at least once a day for the past 5-6 years, maybe longer. Whilst at uni I PMO’d as soon as I woke up, and my two more times after that, I only realised recently how big a part masturbating to porn has played in my life, it has been as frequent as showering and brushing my teeth…but I never thought it was damaging, because everyone did it.

I was with a girl for two years whilst at uni in a long distance relationship, we had a pretty good sex life but now when I look back I realise that maybe 50% of the time I was performing with not a full erection, and I also used to attempt to have sex in the same way as a porn star would, because that’s where my education had come from…I even upset her unintentionally a couple of times just from being too rough in bed, I just thought it was the normal thing to do because thats how it is in porn.

We broke up and since then I have seemed to avoid sexual encounters with girls even though there were a couple who I fancied soooo bad and they were definetely up for it, but I knew that if we went to have sex I wouldn’t be able to get an erection and the humiliation would destroy me. When I drink alcohol I CANNOT get an erection for love nor money, in fact my penis feels completely dead when I have had a few drinks, yet my friends seem to get more horny and always have one night stands when they are drunk. I actually brought a different hot girl back to my hotel room when I was on holiday a couple years ago, and I did not have an erection, in fact, I wasn’t even close to having an erection, I was not horny in the slightest, yet if I think of her now it turns me on. It’s like real life girls just do nothing for me, yet if I’m watching porn and masturbating over my favourite porn star I have no problem getting a hard erection and orgasming.

In the summer just gone I started seeing a girl who I thought was perfect for me, she was hot, beautiful, we got on great and I was happy for the first time in ages about my love life. She openly talked about sex and was pretty dirty minded, I couldn’t wait for us to have sex. On our 5th date she came back to my house, we went upstairs to my bedroom and were making out in my bed and I lost my erection. Something was not right here, I had a hot girl who I had dreamt of having sex with for weeks lying in my bed waiting for me to shag the shit out of her…and I had no horniness about me whatsoever. It was like there was a complete disconnection between me getting turned on by a hot girl in my bed and my brain, and I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. She was asking me what was wrong and I just didn’t know what to say, she actually knelt down and went to give me a blowjob and I was flaccid…wtf??? Anyway, I was really embarassed but she didn’t seem to mind about what happened, she started to ignore me however and it completely broke my heart. I always think that if I had just fucked her brains out like a normal person then we might still have a relationship.

I finally came across thanks to a youtube video and as I was reading the symptoms and description of porn induced ED it was like I had written the thing myself. It was an amazing relief to hear that many other men have suffered from this problem and most importantly that it can be cured by ‘rebooting’.

I haven’t PMO’d since then and am now on day 26, I am definetely flatlining right now, I am kind of horny in the morning and usually get morning wood, but during the day I have no erections and nothing turns me on. I have heard that your libido is meant to come ‘roaring back’ which I hope is true because I really want a normal sex drive. I want to have a casual sex life and be able to talk to girls, I think for a while I have been avoiding chatting up girls because I have no desire, I know that if she said ‘come to the toilet and fuck me now’ I wouldn’t be able to get it up, which is not normal. I am fed up of retreating to my room and computer after having a failed sexual episode, wanking to porn and thinking ‘why can’t you get this hard with a REAL girl and not one in a porn movie?’. Anyway, I am determined to overcome my ED and I know that a good sex life will bring me a lot of happiness.