Age 24 – ED cured at 85 days: Meditation helps

First post: September 12, 2012 – Porn Induced ED or ED being caused by something else?

BY – steve34

Hello all,

I am definitely suffering from porn induced ED but to what extent, I am not sure. Is there another problem accompanying it?

Age 24, healthy, Test levels fine, exercise daily. Have been PMO since I was 13.

My biggest issue is not being able to get and maintain an erection without constant physical stimulation.

I have a few of the classic symptoms of porn induced ED, morphing tastes, easier to climax with porn, harder erections, etc.

However I also have a few that are not, I wake up with full erections nearly 6 or 7 days a week. I can masturbate without porn to orgasm but I must be lying down on my back, standing is almost impossible.

Watching porn or thinking of any fantasy does not give me an erection. I can only obtain and keep an erection with constant physical stimulation. If I do not have constant physical stimulation, my erection will fade…. how fast depends on my position.

If I am lying down, it will fade within 10 – 20 seconds, if I am standing up, it will happen immediately. It is also harder to masturbate standing up, with or without porn.

The only time I do not need constant physical stimulation to maintain an erection is when I wake up in the morning with an accompanying morning wood. Some days I will wake up with a morning erection and will not touch it, yet it will stay erect for 10 minutes or longer, however if I stand up, it goes down immediately.

I have masturbated almost my entire life lying down on my back, so perhaps it’s what my body is used to.

1) Why can I not keep an erection once I obtain it? This makes me think there must be an organic problem, such as a venous leak. (This is a problem with the smooth muscle of the penis, in which blood can flow in normally but it does not stay there.) This makes condom use impossible!

2) Why can I not obtain an erection from watching porn or thought? It definitely turns me on and I will feel some sensation and maybe some increase in size, but not a full on hard-on will be achieved. (It is easier to obtain an erection with porn than without, but constant physical stimulation is needed in both cases.)

3) Why do my erections fade immediately upon standing? And why are they much harder to get in comparison to lying down? This one scares me the most..

Could this really all be from porn? Or should I go to a urologist? The fact that I achieve fully hard erections in the morning makes me want to rule out an possibility of an organic problem, but I am not sure…

Also, I remember 5-6 years ago I could obtain and  keep an erection from watching porn and it would stay up, even if I was standing or walking around, etc.

Please help !

I am day 7 of no PMO regardless…


Day 45 – poor results with cialis 10mg

Half way through reboot, wanted to give 10mg cialis a try. Engaged in light M but no P or O. Could achieve a 100% erection but only through constant stimulation. It also went away within 10 seconds of stopping stimulation.

I’d say the cialis helped me achieve and maintain an erection for a few more seconds compared to before but barely noticeable.

This is how I was before I started the reboot, could achieve full erection without porn but only with constant stimulation and it would subdue quickly after ceasing stimulation.

As always, my erection is harder to achieve and lasts much less while standing.

On the positive, I have been in a deep flatline the last 10 days or so and I have quit weed four days ago after smoking everyday for a year and a half. I also used zero fantasy during this experiment.. these factors may have affected it… but I thought cialis “trapped” the blood after you achieved an erection? I thought once I achieved an erection I’d be set.

Getting scared… :(


October 11, 2012

Been meditating 30 minutes a day the last three days and last night I was awoken from my erection it was so hard. Also feel much more relaxed throughout the day.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to cause actual physical changes to the brain. Not only will it help with beating pmo, but also anxiety and depression.

Here is a good start:

There are some ppl on that site that claim they beat pmo and Ed in under a month while meditating three times a day for twenty minutes.


October 27, 2012, Day 60 no pmo.

Had a lovely girl in bed last night, got 70% erection from making out but it would quickly go away. Sucks.


Same, I’m around 80 days no Pmo and some mo without porn after 60 days. 11/19/12

I’ve noticed my libido some days is definitely increased, other days not. I think we’re very close to being healed tho. Maybe cut out mo for another 30 days


Cured – Thanks for all the help – November 26, 2012

I’ll try to make this short and to the point:

PMO from Age 13 – 23

Go 60 days, M out of boredom which eventually leads to a relapse. (Although I relapsed, I am 100% sure the 60 days of abstinence was still beneficial in the long run.)

A few weeks later I go 60 days again, start MOing once or twice a week to no P obviously. I’d say its about day 85 now. The Ming in my experience helped to ‘wake up’ my sex drive.

  • Wake up with consistent hard morning erections
  • Now get hard while just making out with a girl
  • MO’d twice yesterday before girl came over later that night, unexpectedly got head, was 100% erect entire time, no problem reaching O, sensitive, etc.

After last night, I can say I am definitely cured of PIED.

My most important piece of advice would be to meditate 20-30 minutes a day and do aerobic exercise for 60 – 75 minutes a week.

Your brain is your biggest sex organ and that is where all of these problems are arising; meditation and aerobic exercise are hands down the healthiest activities for your brain. 

Good luck