Age 24 – ED cured: confidence is higher, sex is much more ‘clear’, my gf satisfies me

So, I have been able to sleep with my gf WITH a condom two times over the past two weeks having no ED. – I’ve had really bad ED for years now & of course watched porn for years.

For the curious gent wondering the timeline it took for me to be ‘cured’, I’d say probably about 5 months, however I did cave on the PMO at the end of the first month, and at the end of the second month went on a three day ‘binge’ so I’m well aware that set me back because I went though a flatline about 4 times I felt like.

regardless – Finally better, confidence is higher, sex is much more ‘clear’, my gf satisfies me doing nothing but what I used to think of was ‘boring’ sex.  No weird thoughts in my head, I’m ‘present’ when the intercourse takes place, and it feels much more passionate.

I visited doctors for this problem, couldn’t get fixed, and tried diet, quit drinking, exercised – still the ED was there.  Upon quitting Porn – I’m cured.

For the record I’m 24 years old – so don’t do those scripts the DR’s write for us, it is putting a Band-Aid on a serious problem treating only the symptom.  Be patient and your love life will take off.

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INITIAL POST – Mortifying – A constant State of Disappointment

Mortifying – A constant State of Disappointment

I cannot believe I am finding myself a member of a forum concerning ED – being age 24.

I did not realize porn was the culprit of my ED for years, rather I thought it was a host of other issues.

My problem isn’t even so much as the ED – as it is the embarrassment of being hit with the ED. A week ago, I had one of the beautiful ladies I date – ready to go.

Needless, to say I was not – this has now occurred 4 times with 4 different people over the past 6 months. – and it has occurred many more times in the past.

This weekend a girl, a former runway model – is having a birthday party at a famous club in my city.  We have been somewhat close over the past 6 months, and have talked about sex.
I fear she is expecting it – and the performance of a lifetime from me – I have acquired a six pack and look good, and can constantly date multiple people no problem.  The problem is once things get into the bedroom, it doesn’t happen, disappointment looms – often they initially think it is them, and I inform them it is me, but it is the last we see each other because I can’t face them after the initial embarrassment or they just want to have fun.

Likewise, another girl that I am dating came over Saturday, and we were watching a movie in my bed, and she brought up the fact we had not had sex yet about 100x.  I told her we would talk about it later, but many text blasting me, asking why I don’t find her sexually attractive, why can’t I just ‘put out’ for her, why am I playing so hard to get. – it is just soul crushing because I also want to engage in sex – I simply can’t.

Stumbled on this website about 4 months ago – was dating another former runway model, absolutely gorgeous and she came over – of course ED hit.  She was furious and confused – we still are friends but it is much different now.

I went to a doctor – had some test done – healthy, good T-levels – ugh.

Stumbled on this website- made it 2 months FAB free.


Made it another month.

Relapsed with the dreaded porn. – three days in a row.

Made it about another month – relapsed with porn.

I am now 5 days in, but so disappointed by how slow this process is and how much quicker I need things to pick up.  I mean this is insane. I want this to come and go – I’m 24 and meeting the most gorgeous women imaginable and even that makes no difference.

Started taking tribulous – no help yet.