Age 24 – ED cured: It will work. Eventually you’ll be back to normal.

Today, I had a successful time with this girl I met online. So I think it’s time for me to write a success story because it would be selfish not to considering how much everyone stories have motivated me..

I am 24 years old and like many others started watching porn at a young age. I never connected the dots and thought my ED is caused by porn usage. Also never knew how addicted I was until the day I discovered this website. Now that look back at it, my addiction was ugly. At times couldn’t wait to get home from work so I can fap one.

Fast forward to when I quit porn, it wasn’t that easy in the beginning. Always found myself somehow jerking it to porn. Failed 4 or 5times and eventually I distracted my mind away from porn. Whenever the thought of porn crossed my mind, I quickly logged in YBOP and forums and read. After reading a bit I didn’t even want to watch porn.

I also used countdown apps and started with a month countdown. And another month. When those months were successful (of course some slipups) I made the numbers start counting up instead of down.

Now I am at 160 days. Trust me after the first or second month I never craved going on porn websites.

In my recovery period, I’ve had sex with Cialis and without. Without, after I cum (either from BJ or sex) I needed a very long time to go again. Like a day. I stopped trying to hook up with this girl I like a lot so I don’t face failure. Its bad I know but I only wanted sex with randoms until I was cured.

Today I had sex with this girl I met online and it was great. And under 10 minutes I was hard after she gVe me BJ for a minute.

Now I never want to go back to porn and masturbate excessively. Only reason I want to masturbate now is to avoid premature ejaculation if I haven’t had sex for along time.

I wish everyone luck on their journey. It will work. Some people longer then others but eventually you’ll be back to normal.

LINK – 24 year olds success story

By – funfocused