Age 24 – ED cured, sex feels amazing, social anxiety gone

I’m 24 years old, started pmo at 12 and escalated like all of you.


  • First 60 days, gained a lot of drive
  • Body more manly
  • Became more adultish
  • Way more free time to do positive things
  • Chicks notice me
  • No more ED, sex feels amazing
  • social anxiety gone
  • totally calm and relaxed about everything
  • Had sex with a new girl every month
  • Great to not have sex be first thing on my mind
  • Made me feel I had a secret advantage over others

Cons (All started after the first month and grew worse)

  • fatigue
  • Lack of excitement
  • lessened strength
  • Lessened quick thinking and quick movements

I just recently decided to fap and have as much sex as I want and all this stress is exiting my body. It feels good. My libido has always been high, but I think a lot of y’all libidos are high, and it’s clear that the cons of nofap are from built up stress from not cleaning the pipes. Maybe I’m wrong because I did never make it past 2 weeks without an orgasm from sex and I’m still addicted to the orgasm. But trying to make it past that two week mark is destructive to my productivity which is the most important thing. I’m interested if anyone has had the same experience. I will try no porn though.

LINK – My 7 month Nofap experience, Very Important IMO

 by CanonPowershot88