Age 24 – ED & Delayed Ejaculation cured

I’ve been doing NoFap for about a year, but my current streak is 13 days without PMOing. I know it should be at 365 days, but I’ve relapsed many times.

However, I’ve progressed to the point that I’m not PMOing as much as I used to. In between relapses, I usually go about a week into it or something like that. As a result, worst case scenario, I’m PMOing or MOing about three times a month which is significantly less than I used to be. Progress is progress, no matter how small.

Last night, I got a hotel room and had a woman come over to spend the night. I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been watching porn and masturbating since I was around 10 years old. It’s a long story about how I found out I had some sort of erectile dysfunction and started the whole NoFap journey. However, my erectile dysfunction became somewhat of a problem initially during a long-term relationship. I also had trouble reaching O during PIV penis in vagina: not just during the long-term relationship, but during the FWB’s, short-term relationship, and one night stands. During the more short term interactions with women, I had a better chance at maintaining an erection than when I was with a woman for a long time.

My main problems are mostly PIED, and Oing during PIV sex. I don’t know if you’d call that delayed ejaculation because Oing during a PIV either happens, or it doesn’t. Either, I’ll lose an erection before I O, or give up to the point that I’m not turned on anymore. It’s probably not as serious as some users on here, but it’s still been a problem in my life.

Yesterday, I shared a hotel room with a woman. We had sex four times. The morning after, we had sex once before we checked out. Yesterday, when we had sex the first three times, I was able to both maintain an erection, and O during PIV. The fourth time we had sex, I was able to maintain an erection, but I couldn’t O during PIV so she ended up giving me an HJ. I know some dudes on here are going to say “AN HJ! RESET YOUR STREAK!” I know it was an HJ, but I wasn’t looking at porn, and I wasn’t even doing it to myself. So I don’t believe it qualifies and I don’t think many people here are really qualified to tell me what is and isn’t healthy that would be considered “resetting” or “relapsing.” To end the night, she gave me ANOTHER HJ.

The next morning we had sex again, and I was able to maintain an erection and O during PIV. All in all, I was able to O during PIV 4 out of 5 times which would make it an 80% success rate in a two day period. During the course of a 2.5 year relationship, I probably was able to O during PIV a handful (maybe 10) times. Assuming I had sex once a week for 2.5 years, that would be about an 8% success rate in Oing during PIV. I may be wrong on the math, but the point is that there’s a huge difference from before I started NoFap, and after I’ve started NoFap.

This woman I had sex with was not as attractive as the other women I’ve had sex with. In fact, I didn’t even find her all that attractive. Each time during sex, we also used a condom.

During the third time we had sex, I had a scare that I was losing an erection. It wasn’t as hard as it could’ve been, but I still could penetrate and still managed to O during PIV. I over-exerted myself a little bit, ended up changing positions, and was fine after that.

The bottom line is that I don’t know if NoFap is the cause for an increase of success rate of not only maintaining an erection, but Oing through PIV. I also do physical labor so maybe exercise is a contribution to that success. Maybe my long-term ex-girlfriend and I weren’t sexually compatible and she, deep down, didn’t really turn me on. I don’t know. All I know is that whatever I’m doing differently than what I was doing is making my PIED less likely, and my penis more sensitive enough during PIV sex to O. I don’t know how it’s working, and I don’t care why it’s working, but I’m noticing an improvement in my sexual performance…and that’s really all that matters to me to convince me to keep going.

I’m not saying NoFap is the solution to your problems, but it may be. I can only go by my experiences and I won’t know how my life chances through NoFap until I spend more time during NoFap to experience them. I will always be skeptical, but the things I’ve been doing differently are seem to working, and I’m going to stick with NoFap until I’m convinced otherwise.

LINK – For the doubters of PIED…

by BuryThePast