Age 24 – (ED) Greater social confiidence & attraction to real women,

This is my 90 days report. It’s been a long journey and it is not the end, but before I go into that let me begin with a little bit of background for my story: I am 24 years old, been watching porn since I was 13. It rapidly became a daily activity, a habit, and translated into me not seeking a relationship with girls as a person of my age would naturally do.

Now, a couple of years ago I heard of “nofap november”. I tried to do it but failed, I thought it was some kind of punishment a bunch of random folks were putting upon themselves as a test. Very little did I know. I stumbled upon that famous TED video on Youtube and someone in the comments linked to this subreddit. Here I could read some stories and quickly browsed Then I understood. The cause for ED, my inability to orgasm with a real woman, the kinky view of sex that I was having (some nasty stuff that I was watching), it all became clear that porn was most probably the cause.

That was it, the game was on: 28th of October, 2013 would be the last day I masturbate to porn. I took on the challenge in hard mode because I firmly believed if I retained my habit of masturbating I would watch porn again sooner or later. I did not though, and I can list a few things that improved in my life and that I believe nofap contributed to:

  • Much better sleep. I can’t believe how much I recover from sleeping now. In the morning I feel totally refreshed.
  • Attraction to real women: I love them. I seek them, I enjoy talking to them: women are now part of my life. As friends, as flirts.
  • Social confidence: I can start a conversation with any stranger without thinking twice. It often goes smoothly. There is no more this “awkward” atmosphere that was there before.
  • Eye contact: Communication is so much more dynamic with eye contact. And persuasion is a lot stronger, too. A very powerful too of human communication!
  • Wet dreams: yes, they happen. Hadn’t happened for as long as I can remember. You can imagine how awkward it was to wake up with sticky pants. That’s how it should have been since the beginning.

Now, to the question: has the reboot happened yet? I would say “not really”. I think it will take more than 3 months for the rewiring to complete. I still occasionally think of porn situations and my libido isn’t back to its best just yet.

I will post again on day #120. I would really like to thank every nofapper who post their stories and support others, I would not have made it without you.

LINK 90 days on hardmode – I’m teal!

by frankouchan