Age 24 – (ED) I’m getting hard and staying hard.

I’m 24 years old and I’ve always had problems with having sex. I never understood why and the worst thing was the pressure. It was always expected of me to have tons of girls and all that crap.

When I was 20 I met this beautiful latina and I fell head over heels for her. But I couldn’t have sex with her. It just didn’t work. I didn’t know what to say. So I lied. I told a lot of BS and a lot of crap. And that spiral continued for a while until 2 years ago I realized that it was porn. Porn was giving me all these problems. I tried stopping to masturbate many, many times but I never managed more than 2 weeks or so.

Until finally, 6 months ago, I decided to take care off this once and for all. Again I met a girl. But I didn’t want to date her for obvious reasons. I mean what was I suppose to do with her? Eventually she would want to have sex. I needed to change my life and I realized that my laptop was my problem. Laptop + boredom = masturbation. I decided to eliminate both those factors. I gave my laptop to my friend and if I needed it I stopped by his place. And instead of working between 7 and 16 like I usually did I decide to work between 9 and 18. I also signed up for MMA classes and started taking that so after work I would go do that and I would be home by like 9.30. The most important thing for me was keeping busy so I never had the chance to masturbate.

2 months past and I didn’t watch porn or masturbate. As for mini me; it was better. Morning wood was back, I would see a pretty girl walk by and my penis would spring right to attention. That hadn’t happened it years. I decided to pick things up with that girl. I decided to be semi honest with her. I didn’t say why I was having problems but I said that I was having problems and I would appreciate some patience from her. We tried having sex and I would stay hard for 2 min at the most and then nothing. So I decided to buy some Cialis. It worked maybe 50% of the time. The big news was that I finished. I had sex from start to finish like 10-15 times. So in a way she took my virginity. It still didn’t work every time and sometimes I would go soft and not get hard at all.

However for the past month I haven’t had any pills at all. And the funny thing is that it works better now. She’s made me c*m twice in a row a few times, I’m getting hard and staying hard. It’s still not 100% but it’s getting there. But I wouldn’t call myself cured. I still think I have an issue. I decided to take back my laptop and I went to a few porn sites. I didn’t masturbate though but it’s clear that I still have a problem. Porn has become a little boring and it doesn’t excite me like it used to but it’s a slipper slope. I know that one misstep and I could be right back where I started.

So all in all it’s been about 6 months and I haven’t masturbated. As I said I’m not cured but I’m getting there.

My best tips for anyone wanting to do it is to keep busy. You have to stay away from being alone and being with your computer. That’s my semi successful story. I’m not out of the tunnel yet, but I do see the light….

LINK – Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel….