Age 24 – ED nearly cured, but it’s not yet relaxing to have sex.

So here it is, my 90 days report. I haven’t slipped once, haven’t watched porn or something similar, I tried my best not to think about it and it worked most of the time. first the positive results:

  • I was able to maintain erection during sex multiple times during those 90 days

now the negative or neutral things:

  • I seem to have a problem with condoms, it’s still troublesome to have sex with them
  • I should feel much better right? But I dont. I haven’t felt bad before and I’m pretty much doing the same stuff as before. I’m still playing guitar and a few hours of videogames a day, I still work out 3 times a week for a few hours, I still socialize and I still programm a lot. -I don’t feel like my PIED is gone 100%, and its not relaxing to have sex…. but I think it should be

I guess I’ll have to do it another 90 days at least since mine was a pretty severe case of PMO. Any words of wisdom for me?

sincerely Flausbert

LINK – 90 days

by Flausbert



Day 123 – Its cured.

Yep. I’m now officially sure, my PIED is gone. I’m 24 years old and it took me a little over 4 month to be able to have satisfying sex with a contraceptive on. I wish everyone out there good luck on their journey. Its worth it, it works and it sometimes takes a little longer than 3 month. Stay strong!


ORIGIGAL POST – PIED, death grip and recovery time

Hey everyone, this is my first post here so please excuse me if my question has already been asked. I searched and couldn’t really find anything related. I recently figured out that I was (and propably still am) suffering from PIED – by meeting several girls and not being able to get it up. First I thought it was related to “death grip” (treating your penis in a way too rough way, which leads to a loss of sensivity) and the internet supported that claim. So I did what they said, skipped masturbating several times for nearly a week and only use soft touches when finally masturbating to recondition myself to normal sensivity. I even bought a fleshlight to get myself used to other forms of stimulation and mainly masturbated without porn. In the end nothing worked and I had to disappoint the girl I started dating a few weeks ago. You can propably understand that I was more than a little frustrated by this fact and believe me, I haven’t only tried to have sex with her once, and not even viagra would work for me (as I already visited a doctor and told him about my problems, you can only get such drugs on prescription where I live).

So I already tried to avoid (mainly) masturbation and porn for about two month before I realized that the problem wasn’t related to the way I masturbated, but to the porn I watched while doing so. I am 24 now and propably started watching porn when I was between the age of 10 or 12. Thats between 12 and 14 years of pornography. 14. Years. I already read that the average time to recover from that addiction is about 90 days without PMO and I am up for the challange (As mentioned, I already tried to reduce my porn-consumption but never kept it up for more than 6 days).

My question now is: Will the time I already tried to avoid PMO speed up the process of recovery, or should I just do the regular procedure?

This is pretty important to me, I already told the girl I’m dating what my problem is, and she seemed pretty supportive and I want to make up for it as soon as possible. And maybe as a side-question: Is it ok to frequently try to have sex (of cause without porn-fantasy ‘n stuff)? Thanks in advance for possible answers!