Age 24 – ED: PMO since 11 years old. Successfully Rebooted in 4 months. Got Married!

I’m a 24-year old male. Been exposed to porn and hentai PMO since 11 years old. Hard to concentrate, brainfog, TOO MUCH porn fantasy running on my brain all the time, prone masturbatio, and also PIED.

Check my journal for detailed info on background when I first started rebooting :

I started to reboot last year with several relapses. It was hard because I have to fight porn fantasy which was my main source of PMO materials. Finally I tried to get it all together and reboot again on December 31, 2013.

I had a girlfriend at that time though because of our local cultural/ethics values and our family religion stuff, we couldn’t have sex before we got married.  I finally married my girlfriend on March 2014, I was about 70 something days of reboot at that time. Rewiring with partner tremendously help my reboot faster! As of May 2014, I can say that my sexual and health life is hugely increased. I could last multiple session making love, no more PIED, no more brainfog, no more work-distracting porn fantasy at all, I could easily ignore suggestive and trigger-warning image on the internet, I stop viewing women as sex object, never had strange sudden fatigue and weak knee anymore, and I can focus on most important things in my life!

I’m really happy to be in my current position in my life  ;D It is getting better everyday.

I can say that this reboot works, slowly but sure. Also, rebooting with partner really boost my progress.

I know there will be temptations and craving, but remember that it is the part of the process.

I don’t know how long yours will be, but keep on going. If possible, find a girlfriend / partner if you haven’t, and I hope you found a supportive one.

I would like to say thanks to The Underdog for his super life-changing post because it gives me a huge spiritual boost on my progress : (you MUST READ this post if you haven’t.)

Also check GABE’s post and videos because it is very motivational :

Keep fighting for your future, my friend. 🙂


LINK PMO since 11 years old, Successfully Rebooted in 4 months, Got Married!

by  friedchicken