Age 24 – ED recovery: my boyfriend had total dead dick & cybersex addiction

I’m writing this on behalf of my boyfriend because I thought it would be helpful for other people going through the same thing to read about :)

About 18 months ago I discovered my boyfriend had an addiction to cybersex to such an extent that his sexual function was heavily impaired. I mean total dead dick. The thing would not sustain an erection for love nor money.

We discovered this forum and through many various relapses and hard times, we have now reached a point in our relationship where he can pretty much perform sexually whenever he likes. Not only that, but is flaccid size is significantly increased too!

Just thought I owed it to this forum, after all the help it has given us, to come back with a truly happy ending update :)

Good luck everyone –  it’s SO worth it.

LINK – success story – 24 y/o with PIED

BY starfall


That’s 18 months with a prolonged period of him lying about whether or not he was relapsing. In real terms of reboot, (with maybe only two very brief relapses) I’d say he only went 4 months or so before regaining 80-90%of his erectile function and sex drive back. The previous 14 months were pretty redundant ultimately but perhaps did help him prepare himself for fully realising how much harm the porn was causing.