Age 24 – (ED) Relapsed after ~8 months. Progress so far and before and after.

As I write this I am currently in the haze of having fapped 2 days in a row, with several relapses over the last 2 months. I’m 24, started porn around 11. I decided to stop PMO about 10 months ago, and went into a bitch of a flatline. I’m still far from recovered. These are some random thoughts.

  • The ‘super powers’ of nofap are real, but subtle. They are very apparent to me now, having had multiple relapses in the last 2-3 months. The ability to speak confidently and articulately is the most obvious change.
  • It took about 7 months for morning wood to begin returning.
  • I’ve been having sex for ~4 months and I still struggle to keep my dick hard. Cialis has little effect. I’m not sure if this is a porn thing or a low T thing. My dick is only fully erect for like 10% of an hour long fuck. I don’t get ‘turned on’, and sex feels like an obligation to keep my gf happy, even though she’s hot as fuck.
  • I can fuck for hours without cumming. That’s just because I’m not really turned on.
  • Cumming from sex is noticeably less bad for your mental state then fapping.
  • There is DEFINITELY a fap-related depression. I become anxious and sort of depressed, mostly the day AFTER I fap. Nofap won’t cure real depression but it does contribute in its own way.
  • I also experienced the ‘ups and downs’ during the first few months. After about 4 months my mood was very stable and my anxiety was drastically reduced. I found it very easy to hit on girls, and they responded really well. I’ve noticed in going out, now that I’ve been relapsing, that girls are less interested in me than they were 4 months ago.
  • I have yet to experience a hard touch-free boner from kissing or looking at a girl. I have gotten random spontaneous boners for no reason though, after ~7 months.
  • I have yet to experience real lust for a real girl.
  • I smiled more and could appreciated subtle humor better during the nofap. I had a quicker wit.

I’m mainly writing this for the people that don’t have quick recoveries. I thought I would be through my flatline in 30 days but I never really made it out. Writing this I realize how retarded fapping is and I have a lot of regret for falling off the wagon. I’m still getting morning wood almost every day though, so all the benefits are not lost yet. I’m going to re-commit to nofap, at least until I feel genuine horniness.

LINK – Relapsed after ~8 months. Progress so far and before and after.

by aguy01