Age 24 – Feel amazing, no insecurity with girls, best self-confidence of my life

I’m so happy. This is a big day for me. After about day 35 I had no doubt I would make it to day 100 but I’m still overjoyed.

I’m doing hardmode for my qi gong tradition. If curious I can post more information on that. Next to starting qi gong a year ago, 100 days of hard mode is the best life decision I’ve ever made and I’m going to keep it going until I meet a nice girl.


  1. Feel amazing.
  2. Easier self-control and discipline.
  3. Less passive aggressive and more confrontation when it’s needed.
  4. No insecurity talking to girls these days. Prolonged eye contact.
  5. Best physical shape of my life.
  6. Smallest waist size since maybe middle school (aged 24 now).
  7. Merging with my shadow in process. I try to be a very moral guy but a lot of pure evil has come out that I’ve stuffed away into the unconscious. Merging with this feel so good though it can be scary.
  8. Having no issues working full time and taking 8 hours of engineering courses. Keeping up.
  9. Finally feeling glimpses of what is my true self and have the energy to use it as an archetype for the way I feel.
  10. Relationship with food has changed.
  11. Need for a girlfriend is almost gone.
  12. Best self confidence in my life maybe. That’s not saying much though ;).
  13. Social anxiety greatly reduced.


  1. Forget girls and just do hardmode. Took me 4 months to commit and in that time I could have already completed 100 days hardmode.
  2. Merge with any emotion that comes up, don’t just work it out. You have to change as a person. Sometimes what comes up is pure evil. Incorporate this into the part of you that cuts yourself off from other people to reduce social anxiety. There is a great place for whatever emotion that comes up.
  3. I could not have gotten nearly this far without a Taoist meditation from my lineage:

a. Sit with your spine straight,

b. Imagine you are a mountain and there is a cold mountain lake on top of your head,

c. Tighten your balls and everything down there. This shoots your sexual energy up the spine. Really feels great after about 30 minutes.

I did this a lot when I got horny ’cause it puts you into flat-line for a while.

Godspeed faptronaughts,


LINK – 100 days hardmode 😉

by wildebeestdingo