Age 24 – Finally cured lifelong delayed ejaculation.

I’ve managed a few 10-20 streaks, and a big 82. Since I first started nofap last January, I’ve probably masturbated.. 40-50 times last year, down from 700-900.
Never ejaculated without the use of my hand, or mental porn images until tonight. It felt surreal all be it with oral, I couldn’t believe what was happening, however I had to focus on the feeling I’ve never been able to do that until now. It has to be something to do with nofap.

Do I reset my streak? I did Orgasm , but not to Porn and I didn’t Masturbate

For all your brothers with Delayed Ejaculation out there, don’t give up hope.

LINK – Finally cured lifelong delayed ejaculation.

by kencru11


EARLIER POST– Suicidal thoughs, DE and ED.

I come to you a man on a 65 day streak seeking advice. I have had DE since I first had sex at 16 (Note I honestly have not had sex once, while being properly emotionally attached to the person), never had a O with a female, fucking sucks.

I’m 24 now, but didn’t actually realised I had this problem, or even so it didn’t bother me till I found out the damage that had be done when I was circumcised as a youth for a pointless reason, around 18 months ago was when I discovered. I started getting really depressed, self harming, almost committed suicide because I was besought with pain and hatred for what had been done to me without my consent. In a way, I’m still very depressed with the situation, and if I know it can’t be fixed, I really don’t see the point in living. Sadly, as I look back, this Nofap is the only positive thing I’ve done to remedy it a little.

The fact that I thought this might be causing my DE made things even worse for a while, I used to think it was only me that felt like they had a dead penis while having sex, until I found this forum. Although I don’t think being circumcised is the cause, because shit, people have been getting cut for thousands of years and still having babies.

I masturbated obsessively from the age of 15, to 24. 1-4 times per day, almost every day, in the end to some stuff that’s pretty horrific. First streak was in December 2013, lasted 20 days, then edged to porn for a further 10 before caving, since then I’ve tried and tried, had streaks of 10, 7 and so on until this one I’m on now, 65.

I’ve read story’s on here about guys beating DE, but for some reason I can’t help but think because I’m cut, my healing time may differ from them. I’m unsure what my next step is, do I see a sexual therapist about this? I’m scared as hell to meet a new girl, and to fail again, and try to explain all this shit to her, some girls just can’t fathom it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.