Age 24 – Foot fetish gone, Stronger orgasms, Fantasizing about making love not just sex

After the 90 days i started masturbating with my own imagination and i do this for about a year now. After i got rid of the porn addiction my orgasms became stronger, as much strong as i first started masturbating at 13 (no porn involved). At the peak of my porn addiction orgasms were so weak, it was almost unbelievable.

To feel good during ejaculation i needed to watch some hardcore double penetration porn or whatever.

I used to have strong foot fetish, which i think is very common among porn addicts. I used to watch women feet like crazy everywhere i go. After stopping porn the need to watch so much feet just dissapeared. I still appreciate the beauty of that part of women’s body, but not in that crazy pervert way.

Switching to imagination after 10 year’s porn use was the hardest thing possible. At first i imagined things i saw on porn, but it always felt like something was not right, it was still the same like watching porn. After months of working on my imagination, i started imagining making sex with a girl i love, and not just making sex, but making love to each other. Then something amazing happened – masturbation started feeling like the most normal an healthy thing ever, orgasms became stronger and i started to feel really good.

And all of this, because i stopped watching porn. I love you guys – both – /r/pornfree and /r/Nofap.

LINK – Orgasms became stronger, foot fetish gone, fantasizing about making love not just sex

by yrnhr



For me NoFap is about love. Learn to love yourself and then you can start giving love to the people around you.

I’m 24 now, had a severe porn addiction in the past. Did the 90 days 1 year ago, not PMO-ing anymore. My life changed completely since i subscribed to this board.

I changed so much since i stopped fapping to porn, it’s really unbelievable. I hated myself back then, i hated what i did every day, but i sill did it for years. I did it because i thought that this way i can fight loneliness and lack of love in my life. I was so wrong. So i hated myself and because of that i started hurting my parents and the very few close friends that i got. I behaved really badly.

After i did the 90 days and cut the porn out of my life i also started training and lost weight. I learned to love myself in the process. But it’s a long long process, nothing comes easy.

I started appreciating my parents and my very few close friends. I am still lonely and without girlfriend and almost without new friends, but i don’t care, because i am full with love inside me. Started approaching girls and some of them rejected me really badly. Actually i didn’t lost anything, but they lost a lot – me.

And in the end – love is the best thing ever, but love hurts really bad. It’s easy to hate, but it’s very hard to love. Life is not a non-stop dopamine rush ride, life is about pain and suffering too. Learn to take the pain like a man, learn in the process and the good things will start happening to you.


UPDATE 1 – Eye contact and porn

I just came here to say that before quitting porn i was UNABLE to make eye contact even with the closest people. It was something foreign and not possible for me. I was able to do it only for milliseconds and that was all.

One year after quitting porn i am eyefucked everyday by other people and it’s amazing. I have missed so much in life by not doing this. It’s the eye contact that makes people close to each other and the thing that builds friendships. And the eye flirting – oh man , that is so amazing i still can’t find words to describe it.

I don’t know exactly how, but i’m absolutely sure that the porn addiction was holding me down from not making eye contact with other people.


UPDATE 2 After 2 years of NoFap in my bookmarks toolbar i switched it with pornfree. This is why

NoFap is great for porn addicts and everyone should do it at least once. I had two strikes 90 days (in 2013) and 40 days (in 2014). It literally changed my life . After the first strike i still strugled a lot to quit porn completely, because of a loveless relationship with a fuck buddy, which consisted mainly of sexting. After breaking up with her i started Nofap again and made 40 days. I stopped watching porn completely and never plan to return to it. My life transformed completely. All the superpowers people are adressing are absolutely real.

Why i am quitting NoFap ? I am admitting that i have other personal issues and problems, which hinder me to find a girlfriend and have a better social life. Some of them i am maybe not realizing at the moment. But i am working on them.

Masturbation with imagination gives me release from stress and anxiety and helps me a lot with releasing tension. Also masturbation is great and healthy when you imagine making love to a woman and not just humiliating her like in porn. After 2 years of trying i’m finally on great terms with masturbation and my own sexuality, that’s why i don’t need nofap. But i’m never going to leave pornfree though