Age 24 – Hard as rock penis, Less anxious, Depression gone, Increased energy, Greater confidence, Better sleep


I was addicted for 9 years fapping over porn and by fantasizing every hot girl or women I saw on street. The important thing nofap taught me is that women are not sexual objects, what we see in porn has nothing to do with the reality. Porn changes the perception of the world and everything start seeming as if this world is full of sex and only sex

is what left important in life but since reboot my brain is actually changing itself when you constantly tell your mind that fapping is a curse and every time I ejaculate means I am losing my vital energy and masculinity.

I tried nofap for the 1st time and guess its 73 days of no pmo hardmode and no relapse.

If one has strong willpower and patience then anyone could overcome porn addiction because it’s not a magic bullet which change your neurotransmitters immediately. Yes you have withdrawal as well, severe anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitation and many horrible things happened to me. Every time I thought I would b porn free but I did it now that same porn doesn’t make me fap anymore, it is easily avoidable. Now looking further to carry on this nofap streak to days like 90,120,365 and finally till whole life where I can see myself not as a porn addict. Feeling very happy although still suffering from some of withdrawal symptoms but its less in severity.

Benefits till now :

  1. Pornstar like Penis
  2. Increased Blood flow through body
  3. Less anxious
  4. Depression absolutely gone
  5. Less fatigue
  6. Muscles r growing
  7. Skin glow
  8. Increases Energy
  9. Don’t bother about street girls or women anymore.
  10. Better sleep
  11. Started Meditation (Important during reboot).
  12. Started Walking
  13. Eating Healthy
  14. Less Tea and Caffeine Intake
  15. Seems getting more attractive to girls but I don’t bother them anymore.
  16. Feeling more Confident.

The most Important thing is that I don’t give damn shit to girls and women anymore and my girlfriend offered me for sex as she had already broke up with me but I refused to have any kind of sex as I am not ready to break my hardmode streak and also now I am less interested in my gf after break up, let her go.

Suggestions: Shout from the top of the mountain when you r free with this porn and sex addiction. Feel the freedom, enjoy good food and this God gifted life, PMO really sucks your life and body. Only those can fully recover who have strong will power, patience and perseverance during recovery. Don’t bother about withdrawal they are temporary.

Good Luck to Everyone. Change is waiting. Stay strong.

LINK – 73 rd day : Best days of my life enduring sweet pain.

by Anurag12