Age 24 – Harder & longer lasting erections, strong urge for real women, greater confidence

24 years old. Hardmode. At day 21 and day 25 I dry humped a girl and orgasmed. Watched porn maybe 7 to 8 times and edged accordingly, with regret because it does slow down progress. You can feel this afterwards when you walk down the street and look at girls.


  1. Confidence rises with as result more eye-contact and eye-locking especially with girls, reason for this I think is because in your mind you know you are doing something 99% of men is not capable of doing and when one conquers one’s self it gives you a certain power that converts to confidence
  2. Integrated horniness that does not go away, you will realize that after watching porn for 11 years, that the horniness you thought you had the weak dick horniness wasn’t horniness at all, it was a superficial and artificial horniness you created in your mind because of the addiction to fap. This horniness you will acquire after a while is the source, is the root of male horniness that every male should have. I am talking about heavy breathing when you see a hot girl and your heart pounding hard.
  3. Discipline and the power to control your self. I always tell people the following example of NoFap. All the (addicted) fappers are trapped in a slave camp and are bound by chains around their neck. The feeling and voice that tells you to fap while you don’t feel like it but still feel like you’re being forced to fap are like slave hunters in the enslavement camp where they pull the chain on your neck and do to you as they wish. And the NoFapper is the one who escaped the slave camp but still sometimes gets followed by the slave hunters who try to throw a leash around his neck (a.k.a. triggers that are followed up by watching porn and edging that leads you to falling back to your old habits) so as long as you are NoFapping you keep striving on in freedom.
  4. Harder and long-lasting erections.
  5. Morning wood everyday
  6. Better dream memory recalling
  7. A natural strong need and urge for a real woman and no fake satisfaction faking your brain into having slept with a woman by watching porn

I am stilling being followed by slave hunters (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about read number 3) and get tempted and edge sometimes but I am discovering this void at the moment in my life that I used to fill with fapping and eating, still am trying to find out what this void is and why the strong need to fill this void.

I am against counting days because my intention was not 90days or a certain number of days, my intention is to do this for the rest of my life. The real deal (having sex) or just going hard mode, it’s one of these two options. Doing it for 90days and going back to your old lifestyle means you didn’t progress at all. It’s about changing your lifestyle and developing yourself into a better version of yourself and take back control of your body and life.

You are the master of your body, you tell your body what to do, not the other way around. You body is your slave and your mind it’s master. The slave must listen to it’s Master.

Any questions, I will try to answer A.S.A.P.

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by change-or-die-trying