Age 24 – How NoFap saved my future career as an engineer – and got me 4 girlfriends


I was the topper of my class and got admission for the Mechanical Engineering in one of the best University. Then I got high-speed internet connection in my home and it all started. I wasn’t going to classes, all I did was watch porn and movies all day, which made me lazier and depressed.

Since I was in Mechanical engineering there were no girls in my class. Then the results came out for my first semester , I was only able to pass one subject(out of six) and still I didn’t realize there is something wrong because everybody is doing it and every scientist and doctors are saying fapping is normal ( To people who think they are right, remember these are the same people who claimed earth is flat) so I still kept watching porn and fapping all day, I was so addicted to it I knew half of porn stars by their name (don’t judge me ,we’ve all been there).

I was getting skinnier and losing so much hair. And since fapping creates negative feelings, I kept thinking about my hair fall and that I am not gonna have any success in my life hence more depressed and more PMO.

Then I found out about NoFap (Best thing that happened to me) completely stopped watching porn and masturbate, It was hard in the beginning but I started keeping myself busy, started learning music, reading books and playing sport(loved all this things which I never knew till then.)

I started feeling healthy, reduced hair fall, Glowing skin, more muscle, more motivation, attention from girls. Started doing experiments with my looks, observing people ,improved my dressing style and read books from pickup artist and started understanding how girl’s brain works( since I cant fap anymore I had to find a girlfriend )

I wish I could show you before and after picture(U would be really amazed) but I don’t wanna disclose my identity.

And then I started studying for 16-18 hours a day (I knew I fucked up my life) because I wanted to get the best score possible. I joined new prep course for my GMAT exams and I met lots of new Girls. Never really asked anyone out, just casual flirting and before I know after the other kept coming onto me nd before I know it I had four Girlfriends at the same time 🙂 (Yes ..this is the same guy who was single for last 3 years) and the crazy part is three of that girls were really close friends with each other.

Scored 673 in GMAT and now I am pursuing MBA from a good university in London. Life is amazing now I stay happy and positive all the time

I m 24 years old and main reason for me was depression and lack of motivation.

NoFAp for life

LINK – My story of NoFap (Hard to believe but 100% true)

By 1iloveindia