Age 24 – I’m happier, Feel like a kid again, Tons of energy, Very comfortable in my skin, Work performance & intelligence are through the roof


So, I finally did 90 days and here is a summary of what I will write, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” Benefits:

  • Tons of energy,
  • VERY comfortable in my skin,
  • I have a “things are great and will keep getting better” attitude.
  • I’m in a stressful job but cool as a cucumber on most days.
  • My work performance and intelligence are through the roof.
  • Deeper and stronger voice.
  • I’ve been MURDERING my gym sessions now, oh my god!!
  • I’m happier and feel amazing; I never knew I could be this upbeat
  • I feel like a kid again.

I had been ‘out the game’ for ages with girls but I’m nailing a 10 and nailed a girl that works where I stay.

I excelled in a presentation at work and was dubbed outstanding. My family relationships and friendships have improved and I feel like a wise mature man now. I think, walk and talk like one now…I’m happy now.

Lastly, I’ll be relocating to another country in Europe soon. My dreams are coming true.

It’s the energy and positive outlook that have returned my life back to me.

Like I said “WHAT THE FUCK”!!!

Leave reddit and live your life. Quit bad habits one by one. Meditate, gym/run, cold shower, eat clean and read/watch constructive material that develops your mind. Get outdoors more to do whatever. Your bed is for sleeping only not being lazy in.

LINK – My dream report: 80 days hardmode then nailed a 10

by gyendysrm