Age 24 – I’m now performing closer to my expectations: Better focus, more ambition, more energy, better socialization

Hey now. Lurker on a throwaway – 90 days in. I’ll write up a little blurb in case someone finds this useful.

BACKGROUND: I’m 24 years old and have been PMOing since 10 or so. I always heeded the universal advice that masturbation is normal. I managed to lead a reasonably happy and normal life but six months ago I had a total depressive breakdown. It was like a switch flipped and I spiralled out of mental control. I saw a doctor and got on an AD. I wasn’t quite getting the relief I wanted. I then found this site.

WHY: Without boring you with details, I’m six months from diving head first into what may by some standards be an ambitious career. I had this sneaking suspicion that people that do what I do don’t spend an hour a day jerking off to cumpilation videos. In the past, I’ve tried to cut down the time I spent on this activity, but this site offers a bona fide day counter so it gave me hard and fast oath to stick to. I made a commitment to myself that I’d break this habit that had me addicted to women behind my computer screen.

KEEPING THE VOW: I’m doing this on easy mode. I have a beautiful girlfriend with whom I’m intimate when we can make the time. Abstaining from PMO for me has been almost entirely about breaking second nature habits. The urges are relatively under control – see easy mode. What I have genuinely had to work on has been keeping myself from hitting ctrl+shift+n or simply reaching into my pants. I was doing those things subconsciously which in retrospect is pretty amazing. I had totally trained my brain to get its satisfaction from images and self pleasure. I’m still working on my habits but I’d say there’s been steady improvement as I go.

RESULTS: Sorry, ladies and gentleman. No super powers. There’s quite a bit of sensationalism in this sub about NoFap creating superhumans. My own hunch is that everyone claiming superpowers already had the abilities they claim to have newly acquired and merely needed a confidence boost. I’d say that applies to me as well. I’ve always known what I’m capable of and often found myself performing below my expectations. I’m now performing closer to my expectations – undoubtedly a good thing. Better focus, more ambition, more energy, better socialization, etc. My hypothesis is that discipline leads to confidence which leads to everything else. Feel free to disagree.

MOVING FORWARD: I’m going to continue with this. I basically have an hour more per day to do every little thing I want to do. My relationship with my girlfriend is better. My professional life is better. My attitude is better. My life is for me to determine and now I have one more hour per day to devote to doing that.

DISCLAIMER: Over this same period, I’ve given up Marijuana and been on varying doses of Prozac. My current positive feelings are probably a combination of all these things.


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by HaggardBraggard