Age 24 – Increased confidence & social skills; hunger to do productive things; clearer, more focused mind

A lot of the time I see people saying they want to go for 90 days. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not an end all be all number. The journey goes on. Is making it to 90 days a big accomplishment? Absolutely. Pat yourself on the back, however; you may feel somewhat disappointed when you get there if you get your hopes too high. That being said, everyone is different.

Here’s what I’ve experienced.

  • Increased confidence and social skills.
  • A restless hunger to do productive things.
  • A clearer, more focused mind.

This is basically it for me. My journey is not over though. Some of the negative things I’ve gone through are…

  • I’ve gone for 2 to 3 women (one I guess still kind of in the works, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere). So let’s say 3 rejections. To be fair I’m still mildly heavy. But hey, putting your balls on the table always take courage no? Even if they get squashed.
  • I’m in a now 8+ week flatline. I’ve had MAYBE 3-4 good days during this. It’s been horrible, but I’m fighting through it. I’m hoping/wishing/praying there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My penis is rather lifeless right now. I get erections, but they don’t feel full strength and I’ve been leaking semen fairly regularly.
  • I use to smoke pot a lot, and because of that I just lost a job opportunity. I can’t really attribute this to NoFAP, but this hitting on day 90 during a vulnerable time of a stupid long flatline is the suck. I have a chance at an even better job that only mouth swabs, so if I get lucky enough it will be for the better. A friend from the gym told me to apply and put his name down. Funny enough I work with his twin brother at my current job lol. Great guys.

So, taking everything into account I can honestly say with NoFAP my life has improved dramatically.

  • I’ve gotten my first real job in years.
  • I kept pushing myself on my diet (harder than I was, started at 335 lbs and I’m at 232 now. I’m hoping to hit 200 by the end of September and maybe 180 [final goal at roughly 10% body fat] by December.) I am getting a shit load of compliments lately. It feels amazing. No women attention yet though. Either that or I’m blind. The girl I’m still pursuing said she liked my hair cut the other day. I don’t know what that means. Probably that she just likes it. I won’t bore you with that long story of me and her. She’s borrowing my game of thrones books so we talk a decent amount. Not just about that. I don’t want to rush anything though as I’m not in the zone mentally (have a lot to take care of) and I get the impression she wants a guy who has his shit together. Then again I’m no expert.
  • Getting stronger every day mentally and physically at the gym. I go 6 days a week.
  • I’m ambitious as FUCK and every time I get beat down I keep trying to find a way to get going again.

That’s about everything gentlemen (and even a few women). I think NoFAP is worth it and I hope to keep improving AND GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING FLATLINE. I want my penis back. All of it. I also want to stop feeling like shit. I need that super power confidence you get in the early days of NoFAP. Anyway, here’s to the future and fighting the good fight. I wish all of you the best and thanks for reading. Fight on. See you at 120 days.

P.S. I’m a 24 year old virgin so I’m hoping this ends with me getting a girlfriend and having sex. For now it’s hard mode. Wish me luck. I have a lot of love to give and I’m waiting for the right chick to give it to. I’ve never been one to value casual sex.

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