Age 24 – Lot more confident, Happier & more energetic, Everything looks and sounds better/brighter, I notice girls


So, I’ve been on NoFap for 60 days and noticed quite a lot of benefits. I’ve relapsed but started again. Here’s the benefits I’ve noticed:

1. Confidence. First of all on NoFap you gain a LOT of noticeable confidence, you can walk through a lot of people, talk to people without any social anxiety.

2. Everything looks and sounds better, brighter, a lot more enjoyable! Like for example talking to people, listening the music, doing activities, and so on, all of it brings a lot more enjoyment.

3. You’re more happy with life. Like above, you just look and feel happy with life, life is great, people are great, everything is great!

4. Girls Attraction. When you’re on NoFap you always notice how girls are looking at you, those anime eyes, you just walk on the streets and girls just looking at you with these looks, these eyes, smiling at you, just that alone worth to be on NoFap a lot. I had the moment when some random girl just started to talk to me, and we started to talk, it never happened to me before I wasn’t on NoFap. And people, and guys just respects you.

5. More Time Not using time to PMO, suddenly you have a lot more time each day to use on whatever you want. Learn, get things done, etc.

6. More Energy. On top of the extra time all of us on NoFap experience newfound energy resources to make use of that time. Stuff like needing to sleep only for five hours a night and not feel tired will happen on NoFap. Suddenly you have bunch of new hobbies while you are doing extra time at the work, but at the same time you feel less tired than before!

The benefits go on and on. NoFap does works! Continue to rise brothers and let’s use these benefits for the advantage and achieve great things!

I’m 24! The symptoms that caused me to quit porn are feeling anxiety around people, anxiety of talking to people, not able to be near girls and talk to girls all cause of anxiety. Then lack of energy and motivation, lack of productivity,  procrastination, general happiness, and the life, that doesn’t look as great as it is when you on NoFap. So yeah! NoFap is a great discovery and it’s awesome that more and more people realize that everyday and all of its benefits!

LINK – NoFap 60 days Benefits

by standy02