Age 24 – Married. ED cured: retain material better, more confident, women are now more than objects

Initially I was only doing no fap, some how made it to 49 days without relapsing in NoFap, new marriage maybe (I’ll touch base there in a sec). So here I am Day 43 pornfree and day 92 NoFap. I’ve noticed benefits that could have attributed to both.

  • I have been able to retain and understand my school material much better
  • I don’t have any ED issues anymore (haven’t had sex in about three weeks busy schedule and we were both not communicating but we’ve worked on that)
  • I notice women as more than objects also notice their beauty (don’t judge people have looked it’s hard to not just be blown away by how someone looks)
  • I feel more confident talking to people and recently had an interview that went well.

Those are just my little things that have adjusted in the past 3 months. Now as for why I was still looking at porn while doing nofap and being recently married. I have no clue, habit maybe?, lack of sex because we had a dry spell for a while and nofap was very built up.

Not sure but I did then I said, “you know what fuck this I’m done with this crap.” So I stopped I’ve caught glimpses and have even gone as far as typing in [insert pornsite here] but I’ve immediately closed them. I feel like I’m doing much better.

TL;DR: Read it cause it might change your mind about relapsing and going to porn.

LINK – Just mt $0.02 about PornFree and NoFap combination

by NoFapKaizoku


UPDATE – Relapsed after 114 days how I feel at the moment

There wasn’t porn involved just MO. No fantasizing, just a release. The frustration I’ve been feeling just increased. The getting my hopes up, got to me.

At the moment, I feel pretty good (Please do not take this as it’s ok to do it especially if you’re in the early stages.) I’ve been struggling to study and I’ve been so horny and my wife is “tired” I put air quotes because she just slept earlier today for a few hours. We haven’t done anything all day except watch TV(with the exception of me studying). I know why she’s always tired and has no energy but that’s beside the point, exercise and diet not the best (cough, cough) can’t criticize since I’m also at fault. I’m ranting now WEEEE SHINY.

Anyway, resetting my badge this streak has been my longest streak in probably 12 years and you know I’m proud I did this challenge. I think my biggest addiction was porn. I was close to finding a video I just told myself try it without the porn. I’m going to track any differences over the next few days.

I’m really not beat up about this. I did over 100 days! That was a hell of a streak. I’ll challenge myself to get farther next. I really just feel like this was a “cheat day” kind of to bring me back down from the frustration. I tried everything and you know what. No one is perfect, we make mistakes and we sometimes give in to things but that doesn’t make you a bad person. To everyone else good luck!