Age 24 – My health benefits from Nofap

So here are the physical health improvements i experience any time i go on a nofap streak of up to a week at least. Keep in mind that i’ve never gone on a streak longer than 2 weeks.

I’ve been trying to quit fap and porn since the same age i started. I guess i always intrinsically felt bad about it.

Okay so due to the fact that i usually fap and edge to porn for an average of about 4-5 hours almost every evening (almost because they are punctuated by very short nofap streaks) for the last 6 years, In the past 3 years i started to notice some physical anomalies with my body.

  1. First of all i started feeling a lot of random muscle tremors that were quite uncomfortable and irritating. They started on my forehead just above each of my eyebrow and then progressed to other parts of my body like my hands and thighs. These muscle spasms happen infrequently through the day.
  2. Having a bowel movement became an issue as i usually felt like my bodies natural waste disposal system had been unbalanced so i usually have to force myself to go to the bathroom without naturally feeling the urge because it’s either that or i start to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Even when i do force myself to go, i hardly pass 1/3 of what i’m meant to on the first try. I felt this was due to the swelling of my prostate due to my daily long sessions of fapping.
  3. In a resting and relaxed state i started to feel my pulse on different parts of my body. like i could feel my heart beating. This wasn’t normal because i never felt this till recently. it felt like i had high blood pressure or something. But it was always a very uncomfortable feeling when trying to go to sleep and i kept feeling my pulse in odd areas of my body. I googled this and found it affects other people out there. Not sure if it’s also related to their fapping habits.

Anyway the moral of the story is anytime i go on a nofap streak of over a week, all three symptoms above show drastic improvements. The tremors happen more and more infrequently. My natural bowel movement process restores itself and i have no problem going in the morning (my routine) and unloading all the waste and when i’m in a resting position, i no longer feel my pulse in odd areas of my body. Another thing to take away from this is to show you how much i was willing to harm my own health just to continue to indulge in my dangerous and soul sucking addiction.

These are just three symptoms i chose to speak about because i haven’t seen others mention it. They are physical health symptoms i have experienced over and over with the same underlying variable to them. So i hope this post is informative for some.

THREAD – My health benefits from Nofap

by illbliss