Age 24 – My stunning ability for pleasure. Thank you nofap

As it goes, apparently. I had been flirting with a girl from my class for a while. And as I found out recently, when I went on a date with her, she had been flirting back the whole time. Hard.

She’s incredible. She and I are having the time of our lives just hanging out, learning our trade together, and (ahem) learning a few other things as well. She’s apparently completely turned on by making my head spin, which I credit to not orgasming in 2 months, and not looking at porn at all for 6. In that short time, what I perceived as my own creepiness at giving women sideways glances after porn binges was transformed into a real, fatally attractive desire. And that shit works.

Something just feels so right about being so turned on by her, and in telling her that over and over. We’re having a fling of the sort you only hear about in movies, and the pleasure of anticipation is so visceral that it would make for a great one. And all that is what happens, apparently, when you learn to forego pithy pleasures for palpable ones.

A big thing about this is my (now former) virginity. She’s loving it, and basically attributing to it all of my stunning ability for pleasure. And I of course, attribute it to noFap.

I’m so very lucky. A lot of pieces just fell into place, such that by the time we had gone out, talked for a while, watched a movie together, and locked lips, it didn’t feel the least sleazy to let her take me for all I was worth the rest of the night. All luck aside, I was able, through the confidence I’ve received on this excellent program, to firstly ask her out, and secondly to show how badly I wanted her, and to not shy away when she asked me for it. And oh, how I did.

We’re hanging out not two hours from now. Her messages the past couple days (during which we haven’t seen each other at all) nearly made me jizz in my pants each time. This is how noFap should be. With the most difficult moments not the ones where you feel lonely (as painfully, excruciatingly difficult as they may be). But rather where you lie in lustful anticipation of an excellent and real future girl, and refuse to substitute that with a farce fantasy and a flick of the wrist.

I don’t think I am capable of having as much fun as I am certain I will be having in just two short hours, and I may never again.

Thank you noFap hard mode. Thank you so, effing, much.

LINK – 60 Days Hard Mode – Rewarded with Easy Mode

by NoFap4LyfeYo