Age 24 – One year: Life is amazing, sex is amazing and I’m happy.

Late last year I started nofap for the first time, I was a 24 year old with 3 sexual partners non of which could make me come. I wasn’t a heavy fapper or porn watcher but it felt like a problem to me, I lacked self confidence when it came to women but in most areas of my life everything was good. I first relapsed after 49 days. After that I relapsed every few days or so far about 3 weeks and then suddenly I managed to stick with it. The longer I lasted the more determined I was. As I approached 90 days, I met a girl and due to special circumstances the two of us spent a lot of time together in the first 8 days. We had our first kiss and continued to spend time together. After 2 weeks I asked her to be my girlfriend. We didn’t have sex for another two weeks. It was important for me to be ready before I had sex with her and important for her to be sure the relationship was real before having sex.

Before having sex I told her I had a problem with sex and that nothing but my hand had ever made me orgasm before, she actually thought I was talking shit to get her to like me more. The first time we had sex was awful, I didn’t enjoy it and neither did she and neither of us could come. After that she wanted to wait longer before having sex. We discussed my issue and she was supportive and we just spent the time getting comfortable with each other without sex.

The next time we had sex I had obviously become comfortable with her… Because after 30 seconds I came. I was amazed and so happy… She was disappointed. After this we continued having sex and after that first time I came I was able to last longer and longer and the sex became less about me coming and more about making her come. I don’t remember the first time I made her come but I remember 2 weeks after my first orgasm I made her come 3 times and at the end of it she told me it was the best sex she had ever had. For the next months we had sex 3-4 times a day and I continued to improve.

We are now in a relationship for 4 and a half months and we have just started living together. Everything is perfect, we still have regular sex but it’s more like once or twice a day rather than 4 times. She now tells me I’m the best sexual partner she’s ever had.

I believe my original problem was all in my head, I don’t believe pmo was the cause of the problem but instead exaggerated the problem. My problem was lack of confidence within myself mixed with lack of experience that I was ashamed about due to my age.

Occasionally I have fapped since being in the relationship but only after I felt I was cured. But I only fap if say we have to spend a few days away, and I only do with her on the phone. Never completely by myself. If I have a satisfying sex life I should not need to fap. We recently started to watch porn together but once again I will never watch porn without watching it with her. The only reason we watch the porn is to get ideas on new things we can try.

So after a nearly a 1 year journey this is where I’m at. Life is amazing, sex is amazing and I’m happy.

LINK – No fap success, amazing sex and long term relationship.

by floater05