Age 24 – PIED cured after 90 days – But I’ve since relapsed and am having PIED again.


Like many of you, I found this subreddit after experiencing the embarrassing feeling of not being able to “get it up” at a young age. Erectile dysfunction sucks – simple as that. However, I have great news: Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction is 100% curable. On Reddit, we hear about new breakthroughs in science to help cure or treat diseases of all kinds. We don’t need to wait for any new breakthroughs; the treatment and cure already exists. Don’t look at porn, and your PIED will get better.

LINK – The great news about PIED

by Not-Kanye-West


Your experience may vary, but here is mine: My longest streak was ~100 days. Before this streak, I could get hard about 1 out of 10 times while with my ex. Of these times, I often went soft during sex. After about 60 days, I never suffered from PIED again, and felt like an animal after 90. I’ve since relapsed and am having PIED again.

I’m working my way back up to that level. The treatment is simple, but challenging: don’t look at porn. PM me if you need someone to keep you accountable.

In the past, I’ve seen improvements in the first couple weeks but didn’t feel like I was “cured” until about 2-3 months. Fell off the wagon for awhile so my current streak is 9 days, but I’m going to be back to the high streaks soon!

I’m 24 and have been on the road to quitting porn since I was 19. As you can guess from the 5 years, it has been incredibly difficult. The biggest benefit I have seen is confidence, much of which results back to PIED. If I am going on a 30+ day streak without porn, I am much more confident in my ability to get hard, which gives me the confidence to hit on women outside of my comfort zone. Porn has also greatly effected my relationships. Explaining PIED to a girl you are extremely attracted to sucks – there’s no soft way to say it.

Before I get into another relationship, I am determined to quit porn. I’ve set a date of Nov 1 before I start actively trying to pick up women again. Obviously if a great girl comes into my life in between then and now, I won’t turn her away. I will wait until then, however, to go back to tinder/bumble. My thinking with this strategy is this: if I’m not as confident as I can be, then I’m not going to be able to put my best foot forward and find the best possible woman for me.

So, my main motivation is and has almost always been PIED. I know a lot of guys in the subreddit have found other great benefits, but the only real, tangible ones I’ve found all stems back my dick working 🙂