Age 24 – PIED – I feel like a raging 17 yr old again. PIED fading, confidence and most of all, I was attracted to real women, not pixels.


So here I am, on reddit as usual and i decide to pay Nofap a little visit. Time has jumped, because i remember looking at my badge at day 48 and thinking…Fuck yeah over half way…and now I’m at day 70?!

It really is no joke, once you adopt the lifestyle, you really do kinda lose the need for this thread. But it is nice to pop in every now and then.

So I guess you’re wondering, hey, what are the benefits?

Well, I can tell you. They’re everything you have read about. Confidence, a certain vibe about you that makes everyone want to be around and most of all, you get the attention you so deserve as a sociable being. I’m not going to sit here and say Nofap does magic, but what it does do, is bring us back to reality and help us function in society.

I have a girlfriend now who has helped a lot, especially with rewiring my brain. After 25 days of hard mode, we managed to have sex (PIED was fading). After about day 50 (normal mode after day 25) I felt like a raging 17 yr old again. Morning wood, confidence and most of all. I was attracted to real women, not pixels.

I’ll stop babbling now. Here is to the long run. Stay strong fellow fapstronauts. We got this.

Im 24 🙂

LINK – When did i get to day 70?!

by nofapventure