Age 24 – Serious ED: almost healed one year later.

I joined NoFap because of SERIOUS PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction), NO penis sensitivity and because I could NEVER reach orgasm with a girl. I’m 24 year old male virgin. I didn’t even know how much damage porn could do to me.

I started with “hot” videos on YouTube at the age of 16. Month after month I was getting so much deeper. I used to search for new sites, new videos, pictures etc. However I was masturbating once a day, no more. 4 years ago I couldn’t achieve an erection with “normal/soft” porn. My taste became more extreme. Then I wasn’t interested in any of those extreme porn categories/fetishes. I started dirty talking with girls online and I’m sure that was the cherry on the top…It destroyed me, my whole life. I was spending SOOO much time talking with them, trying to get them to type what I wanted to hear so I could reach orgasm. It was so sad, I couldn’t even sleep more than 3 hours per night! It was a 24/7 situation, there was nothing else in my life for those 3-4 years. No work, no college, almost no contact with real people.

I had many opportunities with real girls, but I couldn’t keep an erection. I couldn’t reach orgasm no matter what. Then I joined NoFap, deleted my history, deactivated my Facebook account (changed password with random letters and numbers so that I couldn’t remember it, even if I wanted to activate it again in the future).

Enough with my story, I’ll cut to the chase. Some people here talk about superpowers. To be honest, the biggest superpower I got during these 365 days, is TIME. Suddenly I had the time to do everything!!! I wasn’t fucking waiting for girls to come online on Facebook to help me reach an orgasm. Of course I had more stamina during my swimming workouts, because I was sleeping and eating properly.

And now here’s the more interesting part of the report: During those 365 days I had 17 wet dreams. I only had 2 when I was 10 or something. And now I got 17 in one year! I could also stop 2-3 wet dreams, even if that sounds strange, it happened. I woke up and didn’t let myself to reach that orgasm inside my pants. And although I got my morning woods back, I still have minor erection problems and retarted ejaculation. But at least I was able to have sex for 10 minutes or so, even if I didn’t reach orgasm. That was an improvement for me.

I want to thank NoFap community for all this!!! My friends are laughing at me and my mind wants to go back to dirty talking. I had a few set backs, I created a new Facebook for 2 days,a couple of months ago but I deleted it and thankfully I didn’t touch my tool.

Don’t let your mind trick you. As it seems my brain has a deep connection with porn because I’ve always been reaching orgasm in front of a monitor. But that’s not normal. Now I’m thinking that I need to start masturbating without my computer/tablet. No porn fantasies, just gentle touching so that I can get my sensitivity back.

You can ask me anything you want. One last thing for you people: If a guy like me, who always was an addict to porn and destroyed his best years of his life doing this shit, could achieve 365 days without PMO, then ANYONE can do it! I’m 100% that you are able to win this fight. Do it for YOU!

LINK – Rocket at last! My story and report for all you guys.

by jim71