Age 24 – So much has changed since the beginning of my journey: List of benefits


So I am 24, started nofap a few months ago. Longest streak 58, and I am currently on day 34. So much has changed since the beginning of my journey:

  1. Never could hold eye contact with girls, (even if I did I would show immense fear and inferiority). Now I can look into a girl’s eyes as long as I want.
  2. People talk to me in public: No one used to approach me in public, now I can’t go a day without someone asking for directions, how the weather is, or just about anything. (You start to feel like you’re famous or something)
  3. I’d never finished a book, I’ve now finished 6.
  4. I’ve learnt guitar
  5. I used to walk down the street and get out the way of everyone I passed. Now I am like Moses parting the sea, people move out of my way (And I am a little dude, not intimidating at all)
  6. Insane amounts of energy
  7. Charisma, I used to stutter and never felt funny. Now I make people laugh.
  8. Social anxiety reduced significantly: I used to have severe SA, couldn’t leave my house without being wasted or high.
  9. I am way better at FIFA 18 and COD now (lol)

But the most important benefit is how I perceive humans. I feel more loving towards others, I want to help people. I don’t judge people as much. Especially women, I used to get overwhelmed with lust when a girl talked to me, now I feel composed and in control of my sexual thoughts.

Nofap is real. Just make sure you try exercise and meditate daily and I promise you will change.

LINK – List of benefits

by rauchenfox