Age 24 – Social anxiety better, Sometimes I get those feeling that reality is amazing & truly magic, My online business has really grown

Made it here after 3 attempts. This isn’t a full recovery yet, far from it, but I’ve noticed some stuff:

  • Everyone’s recovery path is unique and different
  • My facial skin is clear, only 2-3 small red pimples. (I’ve had acne since age 13 to up to this day, I’m 24 yr old now.)
  • Still social anxiety, less intense, will get better since my poor confidence levels plus living with acne for basically whole my life. (The confidence thing need more time to build up from the darkness)
  • Female attention sometimes, the first week was intense, but then it wore off and only time to time. I live in Sweden, most people avoid eye contact here. (Had most female attention in Spain.) Plus, when you produce pheromones it can repel females because it’s too much. My body is still balancing form the heavy porn use. This is a huge field.
  • My voice got deeper, sometimes it’s less deep, it’s going up and down, but it’s always in the male range
  • Sometimes I get those feeling that reality is amazing and truly magic (like if you have smoked good weed until you become so present that it’s scary :P)
  • Yesterday I had some family visiting and heard they talking about me: they said that I’ve become beautiful. This is 100% because of NOFAP and WATER
  • After relapses – I haven’t got any intense urges yet like when you start out
  • No wet dreams or edging were done this time
  • I can’t watch movies anymore, I saw Annabelle 2 and all I could think of was this is just a movie, no shivers, no fear, nothing at all
  • PC Games? Tried to play some, All I could think of was that I’m tapping on a keyboard? nothing else
  • Every time I see a youtube video with “sexy women” I don’t feel anything, no urge or whatsoever. Sometimes AD pops up on naked women, I just rolled my eyes because this is just pixels on a screen. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I don’t get hard or even a tingle in my penis seeing girls online anymore
  • Respect from men, sometimes they try to be funny and act hostile,

For the past 90 days, my online business has grown. I have a blog and from making $20-50 monthly, I now make $1000 monthly. If this is NOFAP is not clear, but it has some part of it I feel it.

I started NOFAP because I want to get rid of my social anxiety. I hope it will fade away more as I continue this journey on hard mode until I find a woman.

THis is what I’ve done during this period:

  • socializing with friend in clubs and bars (because I need to expose myself in places where people are to wire my brain to less social anxiety
  • cold showers
  • Gym
  • Meditation
  • went and saw 2 movies (even tho I didn’t get gripped at all)
  • traveled to Spain two times to recover on the beach

My goals for the future is to continue to write and save the money for travel. Hope that I meet someone soon to share this amazing NOFAP brain with.

Ask anything!

LINK – 90 Days Report & Some PROFOUND Insights (HARD MODE)

by Spiritjunkie