Age 25 – 1 year update: an unbelievable list of accomplishments

I’ve been meaning to come in and update for a couple weeks now but I haven’t had time to sit down and really write something out until today.

This will probably be my last update, I just want to thank the NoFap creators, community, and Reddit for changing my life. 6 months ago I posted an update, and since then I feel like I’ve found true meaning in life. I’d like to say that I’m more creative, intelligent, and hardworking than any other man I’ve come across – but that would be a lie. No, I can’t take the credit. At least not all of it. While I may not be more talented, the advantage I now possess is being incredibly driven.

When I fapped, I was easily sated. I would have been content with living in a shack in a moderate climate with just enough food to eat and a reliable internet connection. Because at the end of the day, no matter how incredibly bland my life was, a quick fap would make everything feel better. Not much unlike a child’s security blanket. I knew I had a problem, I think everyone who does it knows they have a problem. But, I didn’t have any of the motivation or willpower required to put a stop to it. Just like with most gambling addicts or alcoholics, sometimes they have to hit rock bottom to realize they need to change. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to do that, though if I hadn’t changed when I did I could see my life going that direction indefinitely.

There’s no chance I would be where I am today without you, so thank you NoFap! Here’s another update on some of the specifics of what has changed since I stopped fapping over the past year.

  • I started an internet-based company. It grew, a lot. I’ve quit my dayjob and now work for myself. I now have multiple employees and run the business out of my home and use a cloud-computing office for communicating world-wide. I make more money doing this than I would have ever made at my old job even with years of incremental raises.
  • I purchased a new property and started a vineyard and orchard. I was originally interested in brewing beer, and I still am, but right now I’m pursuing wine and hard-cider. Hard-cider is rapidly expanding market so I feel I need to jump on it while I have the chance.
  • I’ve learned to speak German, Spanish, and am almost fluent in French. It’s getting easier to learn new languages with each one I add to my arsenal. And it’s very useful for doing business and working with employees overseas. (I’m in the U.S.)
  • I took up blacksmithing as a hobby. I really enjoy making gardening tools, and I’ve made a few Katana. And most of the door handles in my house I’ve now made myself.
  • I discretely took an extended sailing course and for our anniversary a few months ago I surprised my wife with a brief sailing trip around southern Florida and stops through Key West and Miami. I took the advice of someone on here and forged her a ring out of 14K gold with sapphires embedded in it, and thanked her for the years of putting up with me as a fap addict (not how I actually worded it). She said she felt like she hardly knew me, but she loved getting to know “the real” me even more than the version she married. Needless to say, our relationship has improved ten-fold. I get laid a lot more often now too thanks to my increased interest in her. And I admit that
  • I’ve learnt to cook various ethnic cuisines. Indian, German, Thai, Greek, Spanish, “real” Italian. I compiled a family recipe book I’ll be passing onto my kids someday (which I hope to have eventually). Though I haven’t had time lately to cook much. My wife was previously working a full-time job but now we can afford for her to switch to part-time so she handles most of the cooking now.
  • I’ve made a few apps that are currently in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play market. None are selling, they are free with ads, but it was a good learning experience. With the programming I learned I was able to write a scheduling app for my company that has been quite useful internally.
  • I watched A LOT of movies. Though I still have a lot more to see. At first it was just something to distract me from either fapping or video games. You see, I was really addicted to both. Popping in a movie gave me enough stimulation to distract me from my addictions. Netflix beware, you need more movies! I also checked out Amazon Prime streaming, Hulu, and YouTube Movies. I still like Netflix the best because it doesn’t have ANY commercials.
  • I have a social life. Previously I was somewhat of a shut-in. We were part of a church, I didn’t have any friends outside of it. Since starting no-fap I started researching theology and ended up leaving my church when I purchased new property, which lead me to find a new set of friends. It has been quite the journey. I feel enlightened for it.
  • I found a baby owl on the side of the road. It was injured and probably wouldn’t have made it through the night. I nursed it back to health, and joined a raptor association. Unfortunately it isn’t as effective at hunting as a falcon or hawk, but it’s very loyal and friendly. I’m working with a friend training it to keep crows and rabbits away from our vegetable garden.
  • I’m in better shape now than ever before. I’m in my 20’s and haven’t felt this comfortable with my physique ever. Physical exercise. Do it. I know everyone on here talks a lot about it helping with the urges and making you feel great, it really works.
  • This one will sound hippy, but I started gardening and canning my own food. I had no idea how good tomatoes and fresh melons could taste. Peas, broccoli, squash, and carrots all taste about the same. Potatoes are also amazing, I had no idea they grew these humongous plants that eventually just shriveled up leaving multiplied delicious potatoes under ground.
  • I recently purchased a kiln and have taken up pottery. I took it while I was in high school and always wanted to revisit it, but never had the motivation to go out and try. Well now I have it and all my cereal bowls are homemade.

I think that about sums up everything that has changed, as a direct or indirect result of me stopping fapping. Understand that for me I had a severe addiction. I couldn’t go one day without it, and it had to be several times a day at that. The same went for porn and video games. I stopped all of those addictions, and it changed my life course.

I hope that my experience might inspire others, but mostly I want to thank NoFap for everything it has enabled me to do. So, thanks again.

LINK – 1 Year Update

by can_fap_to_anything