Age 25 – 1 Year: Very severe ED and still recovering, but I’m now sure I’ll be fine

Hello guys, I have completed one year of porn free. I had one of the severest ED and still recovering but now sure enough that I’ll be fine in couple of months. Currently I’m having 2 times sex in a week with zero ED problems during sex. The things to which i give high priority are below: It may or may not work but surely it did in my case.

  1. Sleep as much as you can (I used to sleep 10-12 hrs on a average).
  2. Exercise is very very important, i saw my recovery being boosted after I joined gym.
  3. Lots of healthy food.i.e fruits, eggs, milk, meat, vegetables etc. especially vitamin B which helps neurotransmitters to recover. Eat as much as you can.

I guess without these three things my recovery would have been very slow. I give full credit to them.

Now i have very less signs of ED but still have anxiety and a bit depression. My mental situation is much better than it used to be one year ago. Trust me guys, it will definitely gonna work for you all. Don’t skip it.

I was also a moderate smoker,exercising helped me to withdraw smoking as well.

Thank you

LINK – Some advise for severe ED cases

By – Goldy



When i reached the age 21 my brain was badly damaged by porn and i had no idea about it,so i thought to decrease it (Once in a month with a long porn session) and for 2 years i went to gym,healthy and proper diet and porn once a month.I started feeling good.Slowly and gradually my ED went away,more confidence and I saw increase in my penis size and what i was thinking at that point was – I have regain sexual health because i have decreased masturbation and I’m eating more and healthy food. When I reach the age 22 and a half, my sexual life was fully back and i found a girlfriend with whom I used to have sex almost everyday and sometimes twice day.

After 5 months, i shifted to another city and totally different environment their and because i had no girlfriend there. I switched to porn which was almost everyday with long sessions and after 1 year i found myself in severe depression, ED, anxiety, darkness, flat line, dead penis, no motivation, zero happiness, no excitement. And now everything is much better – I’m 25 now.

In my last 1 year of porn free,i must have masturbated 3-4 times and sex near about 30 times and that too in my last phase.Mastubation and sex both were very struggling. I was unable to keep long lasting erection,was very tough and i was not enjoying my orgasm.