Age 25 – 41 Days: I’m slowly starting to get a grip on life and myself

Before I found out about NoFap I would masturbate at least 2-5 times a day and on occaision get high and masturbate up to 4-5 hours a day. I’ve never been addicted to porn, I manage very well without, but thought i’d just give it a shot. Now 41 days in its one of the best decisions i’ve made in my adult life (i’m 25 now).

I feel so much more contempt with life, I am nowhere near depressed and filled with self-pity as I was last month. I am able to talk to girls the same way I talk to other guys and my ability to be social and face my fears has been significantly increased.

Apart from that I am starting to realize how much of a mess I really am and have been trying to improve myself through studying self-help books, improving my body language and a lot of help from r/malefashionadvice, something i’d previously never would have cared about. And the results are simply amazing.

I think that nofap has enabled me to life my life to the fullest again, I believe there is still a long road of nofap ahead of me but I am doing awesome and all these improvements let me wake up in the morning filled with joy and energy to face a new day.

Some of my achievements so far:

  • Build up the courage to ask a girl out and went on a date twice (first date in 5 years).
  • Have had girls greet me on the street because I am able to keep eye contact and smiling without anxiety building up.
  • For some reason I am much more alert in class and can follow all the material
  • I don’t feel the need to get high, pop pills or get drunk 24/7 because I am not as depressed anymore
  • I feel the need to do something, go out and do stuff. I have a free train ticket in my country and spend almost all day traveling to places, reading books a long the way and having fun.
  • I am much more comfortable with defeat and failures
  • I have a lot of confidence, just yesterday I was able to sit down next to a girl in the bus I knew from my old school and was able to talk to her for almost 30 mins before I had to get off. My confidence at times really makes me want to say (wow) out loud.

Some books I have been reading since I started NoFap that really helped me with all of this:

  • How to win friends and influence people
  • The alchemist
  • The Book on The Taboo against knowing who you are
  • Siddhartha

Other Subreddits that I have been visiting:

All these books and me frequenting these subreddits has come natural after about 2 weeks of nofap. There’s a hunger in me to become the best person I can be, I want to archieve greatness and its only now that I realize that playing videogames and sitting inside for the majority of the day isn’t going to get me towards certain goals and dreams I have set for myself.

Why the hell do I need masturbation? I have a feeling that if I keep this up for another 2-3 months I will be able to find a girlfriend or date on a frequent basis, thats more important to me than a small rush a couple times a day.

(ps. sorry for my bad English)

LINK – 41 Days in and i’m slowly starting to get a grip on life and myself. I’m riding the self improvement rollercoaster.

BY – jonasbonus