Age 25 – 47 days report….inching towards normalcy!

Hola Fapstronauts!

My first post on this sub 🙂


Been PMOing since I was 18 years old. There were years (when I was 20-21 yo and when I was 24-26 yo) where I fapped once or twice a day. I have been a fit guy with a decent career, but a couple of years of daily PMOing had adverse effects. I went out fewer times and played sports lesser than before. I started binging on alcohol and my eating habits got worse. That made me kinda overweight.

PMOing also had a bad effect on my skin and hair. All my teenage life my face was acne free. But I got a lot of acne when I was 25 – around the same time I was PMOing at peak. I even lost a lot of hair during that time.

Every time I fucked something up or was feeling low, I found refuge in porn. It consumed a lot of my mental bandwidth and I noticed it was affecting my focus and responsiveness.

NoFap Journey:

I discovered this sub around a year and a half ago. Managed to do a couple of week long streaks and noticed some pretty good effects. I also did a 60 day streak last year (although with a lot of edging). That cleared my acne and I noticed significant reduction in hair fall.

Throughout this year, I managed to do a lot of week or two week long streaks but relapsed. This September, I decided to enter new year with a 90+ day streak and hopefully rebooted 🙂 I haven’t PMOed or edged since then.

There have been days when I feel the urge to watch porn and fap, but I have managed to overpower those urges till now 🙂


  • My skin is totally clear of acne. It glows and feels like when I was 18 yo. This is not a placebo as few people whom I met after years said the same.
  • Even though I have been working out since a couple of years, last few months have seen some pretty good gains.
  • Hair loss has reduced significantly (by around 90%). I can even see new hair popping all over my scalp. Initially I thought they were vellus hair, but a lot of them are converting to regular thick black hair. I still have a lot of ground to cover 🙂

I can not attribute this solely to Nofap as I am also taking some medications, but every time I do NoFap, my hair fall reduces and on long streaks I see new hair growing a lot faster. It seems NoFap enhances effects of medicines.

  • Confidence level has generally increased. Although there are days when I feel pretty low. I guess that’s because of flatline. I hope it’s a part of rebooting process.
  • I feel more focused now. I don’t know how but my memory has been getting better e.g I remembered about a few great books and magazines which my grandpa gave when I was around 10 yo and found them in store room. I didn’t even think about them when I was tripping on PMO. I can also vividly recall some pretty aweomse incidents from childhood which I had forgotten during PMO cycle.

It seems as if porn was cluttering my brain’s RAM and cache and is now getting cleared 🙂

  • Urges and handling lows: Now, when I fuck things up or am having a rough day, I don’t think about porn or fapping. I have a better control over my emotions now.
  • I am kind of in a flatline since week 2. Most of the days, there is no activity down under. But I can feel some tingling (couldn’t find a better word) down under even at a sight of a beautiful girl or a pic in newspaper. That didn’t happen during PMO days. Oh, and I woke up with a boner a couple of times in last week. I guess things are improving.

I expect this flatline to get worse before reboot. But now I am sure I won’t PMO.


In my previous streaks, I tried a lot of methods like web blocker etc. But ultimately it boils down to self control. I PMOed when I felt low. Now, when I feel low, I either stay away from internet (call or hang out with friends) or control my emotions.

Figure out your triggers and eliminate them. For me the triggers looked pretty safe – like checking out some girl’s beautiful pic on Facebook or watching a hot scene in a movie or on Youtube. Figure out your Fap Triggers.

Eating healthy, reducing alcohol and working out also helps.

Oh, and during flatline, do not do test fap or watch porn to check if your dick is still working. It will lead to a relapse 😀

Looking forward to an awesome 2015. Will hopefully do a 90+ day report in 2015 🙂


LINK – 47 days report – inching towards normalcy!

by nofap4lyf