Age 25 – 6 months: I now think about my future, career, hobbies.

Hello guys! I just registered here a few seconds ago because I was simply astonished by the so called NOFAP: I was doing it without knowing it!

Did this help? Yes, it did! I now think more about my future, about the career, I’m not ashamed of speaking to any girl (however attractive I may find her), I have more time to organize myself and for hobbies, etc.!

I’m 25 and something like 5 or 6 months ago I decided to quit porn, masturbation, and everything that was correlated with “dirty sex thinking” (so no thinking of sex when I’m in bed/out/etc., no looking at girls’ ass, tits, etc., no looking at “hot” scenes in movies, TV-series, shows, etc., not even looking at images or posters of girls).

OK, many of you will find this crazy and overly excessive, and in a certain way it is! But in this century wherever you turn your head and wherever you go you will find sex, and this is the real challenge of the NoFap: being able to resist today’s medias pressure!

What I’m doing is try to think like a “virtuous” person would think. For me this is extremely important. I’m no priest or anything (I intend to marry and enjoy a healthy sex life with my future wife), but I need the dignity and self-respect to look in the eyes my family, to feel strong, and to boost my confidence!

Sorry for these random and confused ideas. The point is: by counting days/weeks is quite easy to relapse (i.e. “oh man it’s been 90 days, I deserve a good porn video”).

If you can don’t count time! Do it forever! 🙂

LINK – 5 months ago? 6 months ago? I don’t remember

by Issam2204