Age 25 – 88 Day Report, Needed a few tries

My goal is to provide advice and motivate any who have taken this challenge. No, I don’t have badges next to my name – I’m mostly a lurker and have kept count internally. There’s a lot but I’ll try to keep this short.

With that said, I’ll simply state some of my thoughts and experiences in relation to the following themes I see on this reddit often:

Why I Took This Challenge: Frankly, I ended a 6 year relationship and needed to get back my mojo. I had done prior research on ED and realized I was wasting my seminal energy my PMO. I was also commuting heavily to and from work, and in general was stuck in a rut. I found this subforum, and reading enough testimonies convinced me to give it a try. Plus, honestly porn is disgusting: and I realized that whenever i would finish a session and immediately close my various open tabs. There’s no way most of the women in those videos enjoy what’s being done to them, especially in the more extreme ones.

First Attempts and General Experiences: I had various beginning attempts. For a while I couldn’t go longer than a few days. Then I hit five weeks and relapsed hard. Then hit three weeks and a wet dream caused me to relapse again. Finally I think I just started benefiting from the previous attempts and was able to make my current run, although there were very close moments.

I did have periods of flat lining, and quite frankly I enjoyed those periods compared to the periods of extreeeme horniness. At the same time, I certainly radiated energy when I went through the latter stages. Overall, regardless of your goals, it’s certainly interesting to just feel that raw energy, especially once it gradually becomes a part of your overall physical and mental energy.

Superpowers: I prefer to address this directly. In general, I’ll say you’ll develop “superpowers” if you believe you will. Sounds dumb but its true: being able to finally get the strongest male urge under your mental control gives both a huge boost in confidence and an increased ability to direct that control to other aspects of your life, period. Like most, I naturally started working out more, being more open, engaging, chatty, eating extremely healthy, etc. The last part is extremely important I think, but in general it comes down to the will power of being able to resist that power urge translating into other aspects of your life. Meditation was also mixed in here and there, and just a strong desire to constantly better myself. Before I took this challenge and after is night and day.

Women: Indeed, there’s no shame in admitting many of you took this challenge to increase your attraction to the opposite sex. You are a human male and its how you are designed to operate. Of course, it doesn’t feel natural anymore because of the PMO habit, but it certainly comes back once you eliminate that habit. For me, I’ve always been a friendly guy, and this challenge just made me more sociable, funny, and flirty if I felt the vibe. In general though, you realize its more that you start treating women as people, listening to them and responding not as a guy out for something but as a person who is genuinely interested in them and what they have to say. So bear in mind, yes its ok to want to get with a woman, but you should more just focus on developing yourself as a person and how you relate to everyone around you. Then you’ll find that everyone, both men and women, will be attracted to you, and things will fall in place. For me, I wasn’t looking for anything during this time (hardcore mode), but I did sense women were much more attracted to me, and in the end that hardcore mode was broken by frequent sexual encounters with a close friend starting around day 75.

Background: In case your interested, 25 year old grad student, full time software engineer. Had 2 prior relationships. Picked up PMO around 10th grade, averaged 10 times a week, longest streak was once for three weeks in 11th grade, havent gone longer than a few days most since, but averaged 1-2 a day.

Conclusion: For those of you lurking and are hesitant, it is certainly worth the attempt. My advice is to work hard, eat healthier, keep your mind sharp (I like to read), and don’t feel down if it takes a while to get into the swing of things. Also, the loneliness of both being single and feeling unattractive is something many of you don’t like to talk about understandably, but you’ll realize how little that means once you start disciplining yourself to become a better person. kicking this habit is a very effective way to start on that path.

Good luck redditors, and to NSA since you’re probably reading this as well.

LINK – 88 Day Report

by gameoffear