Age 25 – 9 months: ED cured, HOCD mostly gone away.

This is my first post, basically I’m a 25 year old male who has suffered from ED for a period of time until from reading online that it was defo due to watching way too much porn.

I was always very successful with ladies and had no problem performing however i guess when i was 22 i lost my job and didn’t have money to go out at the weekends etc and turned to watching porn online and masturbating daily and excessively.Approximately 2 years ago i was with a hooker and i couldn’t get an erection i felt so bad as she started laughing at me,this resulted in my confidence getting shattered and i developed hocd,i basically thought i was gay for some stupid reason(i can laugh at it now looking back:).

After reading sites like these i decided i was getting my life back and getting my sex life and mental game back where they once were.I started to reboot and change my lifestyle i.e quitting cigarettes etc and working out.I can honestly say i have been 9 months without watching porn and no masturbation done by myself and finally I’m feeling good in myself.The hocd is mostly gone away thank god as it is one of the most annoying things iv ever experienced and last week i was with a chick and she went down on me and i was rock hard I’m telling you guys it was one of the best things to feel myself getting rock hard again with a woman!!!

Sorry for the long rant guys but anyone struggling out there stick with it there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

the badguy

LINK –Success!!!!

BY – thebadguy88