Age 25 – 90 day report: When all hope seemed lost…

So I’m in my mid-20s and never been in a relationship. I was never really doing anything about it either. Just moping around and waiting for something to happen. I almost got into one last year, but I fucked it up with my lack of experience and overall social skills.

But it was like I didn’t even care. I shrugged it off and went back to my fapping, back to my porn, back to my ladies that were always there when I needed them.

And after I finished my last fap on February 10th I looked at myself and knew that no amount of fapping would bring me the same satisfaction as even the smallest things I did when I was with her, like when we went to the movies and I moved the popcorn a few inches to the right so she could grab my leg by accident just so I could have the upper hand and watch her explain herself … priceless!

So I discovered NoFap that day and decided to go for it:

Days 1-21: Felt like a king, everything was great. I wanted it to last, but it didn’t. It’s all placebo and it can break you when it wears off. Don’t let it!

Days 21-35: Slowly went back to normal. Brain tried to make me relapse with sex dreams and constant erections. It didn’t work.

Days 35-69: I fell into a black hole of depression, the worst and longest I’ve ever had. I felt horrible and wanted to relapse, just to experience a flicker of joy. But I went on, thinking this was just the porn-infested part of my brain giving me its last assassination attempt.

Days 69-88: My mood started improving, things were going great. My life was somewhat the same as it was before I started NoFap, but I felt better. I started playing basketball again and enjoying it. My mind was clear and focused. I could look people in the eye, knowing that I’m a better man than I was just a few short months ago. The shame was gone. There’s nothing shameful about me now. I still pick my nose, but who doesn’t? The guy I’m talking to probably watches donkey porn and cheating on his wife while thinking of said donkey porn.

Days 88-90: Like I said before, I never did anything about my loneliness. Fapping made me never feel the need for a relationship, while craving it constantly. It made me content. So a few days ago I hit a girl up on Facebook, something that I never really did before NoFap, because it was too much work. We talked a bit, and I have a date tonight 🙂

Day 90+: My plan from the start was simple: “No self inflicting orgasms allowed!”. And I stuck to it. And will continue to do it even after I’ll have someone to do it for me.

In conclusion, NoFap will not give you superpowers, but it will help you lead a better life, a porn free life, a life rooted in reality and not in fantasy. It gives you a solid foundation on which YOU have the responsibility to build on. So get your tools and start building!

LINK – Day 90 Report (Hard Mode): When all hope seemed lost…

by zapruder_