Age 25 – After 1 year of nofap I am 100% cured of anxiety, HOCD and ED

Guys, thanks for your great support. Now I don’t even want try gay sex. I had some strange fantasies. It started with shemale attraction turned into gay attraction.

Thank god.. I never tried those stuff. Even thinking of that is big turn off to me.

Once I took my gay friend to home. He gave me head. I tried to suck him up and realized that this is not for me. Still I had those weird fantasies. I was struggling to get out of those thinking. I mentally to much stronger.. Still there is a long way.. It has cured my mild ED. Still want to try no activity for a year. I mean hard mode. Will achieve it by day day technique.

Don’t lose hopes.. In my mother tongue”Darr ke aage jeet hai”. It’s a tag line of mountain due in Hindi language. It means “There is victory ahead of this fear”. Thank you friends… Long live nofap.. Ama

LINK – Yes.. After a year of nofap I am 100% cured of anxiety and HOCD… AMA

by TheIndianTiger