Age 25 – Courageous around the ladies, healthy, stopped being lazy


I’m 25. My main reason for doing NoFap was PIED and porn addiction. I got to a point where I couldn’t take what I was doing anymore. Yea! I’ve definitely seen benefits. I’ve for sure been more courageous around the ladies, a lot more confident, stopped being lazy, discipline. I feel clean and healthy.

I made it boys. Kind of surreal that this day is here. I remember being at 50 days wondering HOW I’m gonna make it to 90. Boy have I learned A LOT about myself, things I would have never experienced had I not changed my life and I’m so grateful to be here now. Fuck porn, I’m done with that bullshit FOREVER.

Although I do feel accomplished, I’m kind of lost in what’s next. How have you guys proceeded after 90 days? Have you set new goals? Or have you stuck with the same rules? I’m just trying to get some ideas. It’s crazy I feel like getting to 90 days was truly the beginning and now that I’m here the real test begins.

Guys, you can totally do this. You have to take it day by day, you have to remember why you’re on this NoFap journey. Remember those times your limp dick was in your hand after watching porn thinking “what the fuck am I doing? what the hell did I just watch. I hate this”. Take this time to explore new things and try stuff! We can beat this horrible addiction boys.

Man I’m stoked.

LINK – 90 days

By johnnycantlead