Age 25 – Cured of my ED and DE

My story: I’m a 25 year old guy. I’ve been watching porn regularly for about 10 years. And been masturbating on average once a day since i discovered it 14 years ago. I have had sex with a lot of different girls. My problem though was, that I often times couldn’t get it up (even with viagra/cialis).

And when I did, I could either not cum or I would go limp during sex.This has been very embarrassing, has happened to every single girlIi’ve been with. This is one of the reasons why I think i’ve never been able to keep girls i like around for very long. And hey, who can blame them really.

Last night: I had sex for the first time with a girl I have been seeing, since around the 1 month mark of this journey. I estimate it to have taken no more than 3 minutes. This is the first time ever, that I’ve been able to cum from sex.

God damn, how I wish I would have known about NoFap 6 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of embarrassment throughout the years.

I consider myself cured of my ED and DE now or at least well on my way of recovering!

This is my 2nd attempt at NoFap. My first streak was 3 days long (Was caught off guard by alcohol).

My advice: To anyone who is struggling with ED an DE. My advice is, keep at it! NoFap really does work. You really need to understand WHY you are doing this, and commit 100%. Don’t go into this, “thinking I’ll probably relapse along the way”. Tell yourself your going to go ALL the way. And then DO IT! Learn to recognize when you brain is playing tricks on you and tell yourself NO! Every single time i had an urge, i would either do something else, read some success stories here on NoFap or write a post myself.

Remember to celebrate the small victories, and take a week at a time. A day if you have to.

This video explains really well the mindset i believe you need to have to be successfull not only with NoFap, but with anything you set your mind to.

Best of luck everyone I’m thankfull that this community exists. I truely do not believe i could have done this without the support that this subreddit has given.

THREAD – Day 78 – ED and DE cured. Now struggling with PE. [Success story]

by KwistianNizzle