Age 25 – Day 86: make eye contact, much more confident, interractions with customers is effortless

Hi! I’m here to share my experience with NoFap. These are some thoughts and some new things that have happened and keep me going (no particular order):

My roommate and I were watching TV when he said, “<Insert porn star name> (don’t want to trigger anyone) is a huge football fan.” I asked who that was and what he was talking about. He said, “You know who <Insert porn star name> is.” I ignored him. I didn’t want things to escalate because I DON’T watch porn. Lol.

A girl at work told me I had a nice haircut. I didn’t get my hair cut. Another girl at work asked me if I’ve been working out. Not enough to lose a noticeable amount of weight. I was very awkward with a lot of people I work with and now I make eye contact and speak clearly and they’ve noticed the difference.

I saw a girl with a broken arm and asked her how it happened We got talking for a few minutes. I never would have done that before. Helping customers is effortless for me now. I used to be bothered by customer’s requests, especially women. I had retail rage for a while but now I feel great.

I was also asked by my boss to NOT to ask out a girl at work. The old me would have cowered in fear thinking that I was in trouble but no. I swallowed my fear and I went back to talk to him about it and all was good. My boss is an old friend and he meant it as a joke and not as a threat of any kind. He was simply stating that I could do better and she’s dumb as dirt.

I’m starting to realize that for me porn wasn’t even about women. It was about getting off plain and simple. I realize that things like impressing a woman won’t work and you don’t need to trick anyone into having sex with you. For a real deal no bull perspective, read this:

Women aren’t always the answer to your “girl problems” I see a ton of couples every day and in about 10 seconds you can tell the guys that are truly happy and who are just going along hoping something will happen.

It is FAR more important to have a stable career or do something you love than to have a woman if your life. You will have to provide for yourself AND any spouses AND any children you have LONG after your wife gets old and your girl-chasing libido shuts down. I have a friend who consistently looks for girlfriends and doesn’t even have a high school diploma. What girl can stay with a guy like that?

Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve had lately with a renewed mind almost free of porn and having almost finished 90 days. Thanks guys. Stay strong!

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