Age 25 – Deeper voice, bald spots filling in, rock hard erections

May 17 was the last time I orgasmed.

This time have gone surprisingly fast, actually. Even due to the fact I have a TERRIBLE living situation which inolves a job with the computer 10 hours a day, and almost meeting no new people or friends.

To be honest it hasnt been 90 days without porn all together, however there have been 90 days without any orgasm at all. This means that my porn induced ED is probably not fully healed yet.

However, things Ive noticed:

  • DEEPER VOICE, this one is extreme and got very obvious after 2 weeks, my mom and then my sister was the ones to first comment this.
  • More energy, Im never tired in the morning no more.
  • The first couple of weeks, I had VERY good sleep, VERY vivid dreams and ALWAYS woke up with morning wood. The last couple of weeks this has not been the case, no morning good, just OK sleep and not so vivid dreams.
  • FEMALE ATTENTION, this one is fucking huge. First happened on day 14 when grls were basicly eye-fucking me all day long wherever I went.

Then on day 25 a girl approahced me in the middle of the street and wanted my number.

Day 30 a girl eye-fucked me on the train for a good 15 minutes, then I approached her, we exchanged numbers.

After like 1.5 month this wasnt as extreme no more, it seemed like girls didnt notice me that much no more. I dont know why, really.

  • Faster beard growth
  • REGROWTH of previously balding hairline, yep this is correct, my balding spots on the hairline has slowly started filling in again.
  • Way better skin and complexion, a healthy good almost “red” glow to my face.

But again, keep in mind, I have been watching some porn from time to time, so these superpowers probably is more attributed to the semen retention, not the porn per se.

I will relapse tonight to celebrate, and then Im going for 90 days with out no porn what so ever.

Keep it up people!

.. Oh and yeah, my cock is ROCK HARD now as soon as I see some nice tits, ROCK HARD instantly, LOL!

LINK –  90 days, DONE, benefits INSIDE

by incelrage