Age 25 – Depression is gone, More genuine & warm, Women more attracted to me.

Tomorrow I will have gone 60 days without fapping. I figured it would be good to post how I’m doing and what 60 days without fapping feels like for me.

Here’s a list.

  • No fap has been difficult, but not unbearable.
  • Everyday has gotten easier to resist any urges to fap.
  • I dream a lot of past sexual encounters and wake up horny.
  • I look around a lot at attractive women wherever I go.
  • Women seem more attracted to me.
  • I still don’t have a girlfriend, and I wish I did. I haven’t even approached, because I’m just not where I want to be (still in college,) to get serious.
  • I yearn for more than just “hooking up” like I did in the past.
  • I now go to church every Sunday.
  • I quit smoking weed and drinking entirely, around the same time I quit no fap.
  • None of my old friends call or text me anymore. I guess I’m “boring” now.
  • I still probably spend too much time playing video games.
  • I started my Rosetta Stone Russian lessons again. I do a lesson every day.
  • I am more genuine and warm when talking to people.
  • My depression is gone.
  • Any remnants of acne are gone.
  • I’ve gained a little weight, but I was pretty skinny.
  • I still need to work out more frequently
  • I read almost every night.
  • I take cold showers almost every day. It works man.

But, most importantly to me: – I am proud of myself and rarely put myself down anymore.

Keep up the good work dudes. Nofap is not an awesome cure-all, but for me it’s been a very good step in the right direction. Much love – YT (edited to add books and cold showers. good stuff)

LINK – 60 Day Report

by youngthomas