Age 25 – During the three years of pornography and objectification of women in my mind, I was really stupid

Hello Fellow Fapstronauts,

Well, I’ve made it… 90 days in the bag! Hard mode! No edging! Quite a struggle getting here, and I will try to share all my tips, the honest improvements in my life, some really cool stories, and I’ll do my best to write from the heart.

Alright, first of all thanks be to God that I made it here. If it wasn’t for him, I couldn’t have done it. Thanks to my group, “Real Manhood Awaits” for supporting me every step of the way. Thank you NoneForMeThanks, Goblin, Hatikva, and rtw623… You guys are amazing, and cool… real cool.

Okey doke! Prayer… Prayer helped me. Reading the bible on a nightly basis also helped, and Augustine Day by Day… It’s a great book. It’s a collection of writings and passages by a Roman Catholic by the name of Augustine. He is a Saint that deeply struggled with sexual sins before finding the light of God’s face. What also helped me were the countless cold showers I have taken… If you don’t take cold showers or don’t like cold showers, you need to really do them. They help a lot. Being able to work out hard core also helps. Abstinence helps you to be more aggressive and you can work harder longer and stronger at your workouts…

The improvements in my life are absolutely amazing… I have developed abilities that I have never seen in my life. I am not ashamed to be in or around churches, holy objects, or family and friends anymore. I am a clean young man… and I have a Squeaky clean Soul! Religiously I feel much better, but the girls is where I see the most improvement… Girls have handed me their phone number on a piece of paper, cute young waitresses have sent gazes and smiles my way while I’m eating, girls at prom I didn’t even know have waved, smiled, and stared at me (junior year girls… I am a sophomore)! I don’t objectify girls anymore either, so that’s awesome too!

Another thing I have noticed is that my grades are back up again! I used to get straight A’s… I got back in to my pornography addiction they dropped down do B’s and C’s… Guess what? They are all back up to A’s and I love it!

During the three years of pornography and objectification of women in my mind, I was really stupid. You could try to teach me something, and I could not get it… I seriously thought there was something wrong with me. I tried abstinence (with a lot of edging ) for 2 months, about half a year before I discovered NoFap. My grades were better, and my surrounding life was way cool! I relapsed after 2 months and I went into the same rut I had been in… My grades dropped to B’s and C’s, and I got stupid and lazy again. That’s when I kick started my journey to Heaven!

I have no intention of watching porn ever again! During these 90 days, I reached waaaaaay down deep into my weakened soul, and grew the courage to face this head on!

Lastly, I would really like to thank Alexander Rhodes. If it wasn’t for Mr. Rhodes, I would be that weird guy that no one wants to talk to…

Thank God, Alexander Rhodes, Nofap, Real Manhood Awaits, and to everyone that supported me when I needed the help,

~Squeaky Soul

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