Age 25 – ED and drop in libido: Took about 1 year

hello! ill try to post my story as short as possible

started pmo early with the easy access to internet in my young teens. never been watching anything considered “weird”, just hardcore p. i do believe i have had some ed problems caused by porn and/or death grip. during summer 2012 i was lurking around this subreddit and decided to try nofap. i went for a month without MO until i relapsed. during this time i felt really great. however after that relapse i quit nofap for a ~year

135 days ago i decided to go nofap again as i was starting to see someone. ed had been a problem in the past and i figured why not try to go nofap for real this time. anyway around 45 days in, as things were getting hot, i had felt a drop in libido for some time and was getting concerned. thus i sat down on the toilet and relapsed (without p). i guess some would call this “healthy masturbation”

after the relapse Ive been on nofap for another 90 days. this time on so called “easymode” (you do the math). thing(s) are working great for most of the time. only times i struggle with ed are now after having too much sex. recently (few weeks ago) i started doing kegels every other day, and i do believe this has helped me achieve stronger erections

i do intend to keep going as i see no good reason and have no urges to go back to porn and fapping at this point

tldr; * pmo free (hardmode) 45 days followed by; * pm free (easymode; regular sex) for 90 days * ed has been getting better (probably partially because of kegels)

LINK – BOOM! – 90 days (report: mild ed, mid 20, m)

by squidbody


UPDATE: 1 YEAR – its now been 366 days…

…since this journey begun. 45 days in i panicked and relapsed trying to ‘cure’ a phase of low libido (fyi its now ultra cured). three times or something i have caught myself looking at stuff i shouldnt. i have no plans of ending this journey yet, and what man would i be if i didnt stick around for at least another 44 days…? keep on warrioring glad fapstronauts


UPDATE 2 – It’s been over one full year since last relapse

This journey started 413 days ago. One and a half month in, or 368 days ago, I caved trying to fix a low libido. Since that day I’ve held my streak and it’s now been a few days more than a full year. Hence the post.

Initially I started this journey because I was involved in a competition with a friend. We stumbled across this subreddit and I started reading a bit and found out about what fapstronauts refer to as super powers and solved issues with ED. This was something that appealed to me. Even though I’m not sure my ED was porn induced or simply caused by nervousity, I am now glad to say that this no longer is an issue.

I’m not sure what to do now. Either stay on this path or start “releasing manually” once or twice a week (no P). What say you, fellow fapstronauts?