Age 25 – ED cured: I was depressed, paranoid, suicidal, anxious, fat, had no self esteem and a weak voice.

I have made it. This is my first post, and I promised myself I would post a success story as a way of thanking this forum. It’s been almost two years since I started being a fapstronaut, and it has been the best choice I’ve ever taken. Like many of you, I was depressed, paranoid, suicidal, anxious, fat, had no self esteem and a weak voice. Approaching women was a no-go. And hadn’t had a girlfriend in seven years (!). Two days ago, I had sex multiple times with my new girlfriend, was hard all along, could get hard after just 10-15 minutes after the last orgasm.

Not only that, just a couple of kisses are enough to make me hard, and I FEEL every sensation in a way I NEVER HAD BEFORE. She was very happy, came multiple times. She’s also the kind of girl that fits to me, we really get along and have fun together. It would be impossible without me having discovered YBOP two years ago.

This is very hard work, people. We are talking about a very serious (when you can’t get it up for normal sex and you’re 25 there’s DEFINITELY something VERY wrong), embarrassing addiction that grows like a cancer, very slowly, but surely.

My advice? Completely and absolutely stop any porn use. You have to come to the point were you don’t resist it anymore, but you despise it. Fill your life with the things you always wanted to do. Go out. Approach women. Approach the most hard-to-get women. Get rejected. Laugh about it. Go home and play an instrument. And on and on… Don’t drink, don’t smoke. Work out.

I had had very little experience with sex before, so I did visit multiple prostitutes (and one was a transexual) in the course of my recovery. Most of those experiences were bad, void, empty and left me depressed. But in the long run, it was worth it since it made me lose fear of sex and got to know what it’s about. But you will NEVER have the kind of sex you really want, if you want a connection with some special. Prostitutes will always leave you empty, and it can also become an addiction, a compulsion, which was starting to be my case. Watch out and be VERY cautious.

But it’s over now. I’m in happy relationship with a cool, beautiful girl that fits me. We might get into tantric sex and see what it does for us. Thanks to all the members of this forum. Be brave, this is possible. You will be the happiest person.


LINK – Cured

by Overman