Age 25 – ED cured: I was really skeptical at first.

Incredible! 25 year old suffering from ED since earlier college days. I really thought I was done for, I’m a great looking guy. In the past I was defeated I thought the only pleasure I was going to get was from myself.

After reading about YBOP and patrolling the forums I wanted to create an account to inspire others… I’ve been porn free for about a month and no O for about 15 days. Last night and all today was just nothing but a sex fest.

I wasn’t able to maintain a full erection but enough to have successful long lasting sex twice. There’s nothing like making a chick scream in pleasure and begging you to be inside her. If there’s one thing I can say is true that I was really skeptical of at first was not masterbating it just seems like I’ve been sapping my sexual energy for so long. I didn’t know what it was like to have it.

Women defiantly notice it it’s like they have a 6th sense for it. I know now that I’m going to quit masterbating for life.  I know I’m still in recovery and I’m looking forward to getting rock hard in the future but I’m not worried about it, as long as I stay true it will happen!

Stay strong and the benefits will astound you!

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BY – Atlanticsun